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“We achieve an 88% gender purity rate.”

“We use a lot of sexed semen in our Jersey herd that we have had for 42 years, and 95% of the herd is VikingJersey. Using sexed semen allows us to achieve faster genetic progress in our herd. We use 90% sexed semen on all heifers, all year round. For the cows, we use 90% sexed semen from August to March.

The quality of the semen is very good; we have an 88% gender purity rate this year. For us, it is very profitable to use sexed semen, because we are able to sell surplus heifers. There is good availability of X-Vik sexed doses on the whole range of bulls that suit us very well.”

Pierre-Yves Gaborit, France
Jersey herd with 140 milking cows and 200 heifers

Jersey cows

Pierre-Yves Gaborit has 140 milking cows and 200 heifers on his farm La Grande Nilliere in France. He is the breeder of VJ Utik, the first French-born Jersey bull bought by VikingGenetics.


Image: Maternal grand dam of the French born VJ Utik (VJ Gutz son)

Maternal grand dam of the French born VJ Utik (VJ Gutz son) - breeder Pierre-Yves Gaborit, France

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