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4 Jul 2021

How to use the NBDI?

The Nordic Beef on Dairy Index (NBDI) is made across breeds, which means you can choose bulls by ranking. You can rank the bulls of different breeds using the NBDI and individual indexes. 

Simply pick the bulls that have high indices for:

  • Calving ease
  • Calf survival
  • Growth

When you use the bull search at NAV Beef search, you can choose if you want to focus on a long or a short rearing period and find the best bulls for your purpose.

If you produce veal, focus on a short rearing period and if you produce red meat, focus on a long rearing period.

In the bull search there is also the option of looking for a specific breed in order to make bull selection easier for the farmers.

In your herd, you can use a mix of proven NBDI bulls and young sires specifically for beef on dairy.

Have a look at the NAV Beef bull search