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29 Jul 2021

Beef On Dairy - Ready to serve the market

Beef semen is increasingly used in the dairy industry to add value to the bull calves coming from dairy cows. VikingBeef is prepared to serve the demand of those farmers ready to grow their business with a wide variety of quality beef bulls.

These crossbred calves grow faster than purebred dairy calves and are very popular among calf breeders. Both conventional and sexed beef semen are in high demand, and sales of Y-Vik beef are increasing rapidly.

To meet the market demands, VikingGenetics has purchased more beef bulls from the frequently used beef breeds.

These bulls are then tested on dairy cows via progeny testing to obtain their crossbreeding index, Nordic Beef on Dairy Index, NBDI. The aim is of course to meet market demands and be able to deliver both sexed and conventional beef semen for crossbreeding in all breeds.

High standard of data

At VikingGenetics, we own many proven beef bulls with NBDI, and several beef bulls who are in the process of being progeny tested.
The data we collect on the progeny have the same high standards as the data recorded for dairy breeds.

The farmer delivers data on the birth, the slaughterhouse provides data on the carcass and the calf rearer and his veterinarian on the health of the progeny. This way, we obtain reliable breeding values for the bulls.

Selected offer of beef bulls

This year we will buy additional new bulls, all of them very carefully selected for high birth indices, as well as growth potential and good health.

For most breeds, we have been able to deliver what the farmers have asked for, but in a changing market where demand grows fast, we have to remain a few steps ahead of development.

Since it takes more than a year from first collection of a new bull until his progeny are born, we must pay utmost attention to new trends in the market.

There is currently an increased trend for more sexed beef semen. VikingBeef has sexed semen, Y-Vik, available in all breeds, including for proven bulls.

A global swing

We can see an increasing demand for the use of Beef on Dairy not only in our domestic markets but also globally, where the trend is more obvious in the major dairy-producing markets.

The preference for breeds does vary somewhat and is often closely linked to slaughter concepts, with certain slaughter ages or other types of branding of the meat towards the consumers.

Taste and tenderness form an increased focus in many regions, and this also creates demand for beef X-Vik to produce delicious heifer meat.

All told, VikingBeef is focusing on Beef on Dairy and is ready for this growing market demand.

“This year we will buy additional new bulls, all of them very care­fully selected for high birth indices, as well as growth potential and good health”

Breeds you can find as VikingBeef

  •    Danish Blue Cattle
  •  Charolais
  •  Limousin
  •  Hereford
  •  Angus
  •  Simmental
  •  Blonde d’Aquitane

With VikingBeef, you will get crossbreed animals that are:

  •  Easy calving
  •  Has good growth
  •  Healthy
  •  Quality carcass
  •  Easy handling


Text by: Reni Hvam Nielsen,  Product Manager, VikingBeef

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