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10 Feb 2021

Breed Managers’ Round Table

Welcome to the round table about the latest proof run! Here our Breed Managers write about the most interesting news regarding VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey in the light of the new breeding values.


VH Fillman and VH Nader in close race to take the proof leader position

The proof leading position is a close race between VH Fillman and VH Nader with gNTM +39 and +40 respectively. VH Nader (Norland x VH Ramis) has for a while been at the very top and is not only due to his amazing genetic level but also his different pedigree. VH Fillman (Felix x VH Brixton) keeps gaining and his strong all-round profile with high solids, natural health and excellent fertility appeals to many.

Still close to the top of the NTM list we have VH Benny (VH Bueno x VH Lomee) gNTM +38, VH Brooklyn (VH ByNalle x Silver) gNTM +36, VH Bohemy (VH Burash x VH Scout) gNTM +35. VH Bohemy being the highest-ranking genomic bull in saved feed with index 122

Strong bull line up

We are pleased to add interesting new bulls to the sales list. We highlight VH Finish (Felix x Lighter) gNTM +33, VH Newstar (Norland x Silver) gNTM +33 and VH Bouar (VH Benaro x VH Bosman) gNTM +29.

Other recently introduced bulls that deserve to be highlighted are VH Baboon (Benz x Barcley) gNTM+34, VH Stool (Skywalker x Pledge) gNTM +32, VH Yngvar (Yoder x Dozer) gNTM +32, VH Saade (VH Stan x VH Esset) gNTM +32, VH Lilling (Levis x Balisto) gNTM +32 and the homozygotic polled bull VH Heat PP (Hotspot P x VH Comxa P) gNTM +26.

Daughter proven bulls

Praser (Penmanship x Bay MVP) has now his proof based on about 850 milking daughters and the feedback from these daughters is good. Praser has NTM +26 with an appealing profile. Another new interesting bull is VH Monty P (Milford P x Balisto) NTM +20. He's a polled bull with a good profile and lots of positive feedback from farmers all over the world.

The daughter proven lineup is in general very strong. We would like to highlight VH Bernell (Bube x VH Salomon) NTM +28. VH Brook (Balisto x Denim) NTM +25, VH Bosman (Balisto x G-Force) NTM +31 and VH Sparky (VH Suarez x VH Salomon) NTM +20

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Good stability and the same top bulls for VikingRed

The first index round in 2021 showed stability and VR Fuzzy P keeps his position as the best genomic bull while the best proven bull still is VR Froerup. Some interesting new sires are released this time and the polled line up keeps getting better.  

Genomic bulls

As mentioned, VR Fuzzy P (VR Fanof P x VR Lazer) gNTM +35, is still at the top of the genomic global VikingRed list. He has a great profile, he's is polled and has the right casein types A2A2 and BB. After him on the list are VR Ung (VR Up x VR Fiat) gNTM +34, VR Fortess (VR Fabu x VR Thiago) gNTM +34, VR Bisou (VR Bourne x VR Hattrick) gNTM +32 and VR Foredal (VR Fabu x VR Hattrick) gNTM +29.

VR Ung and VR Foredal are good all-round bulls that can be used widely, VR Bisou is a real production bull while VR Fortess has a great health, fertility, and longevity profile. The new released bulls are VR Fargo P (VR Fanof P x VR Horton) gNTM +28 and VR Haribo (VR Heureka x VR Harald) gNTM +27.

Proven bulls

Among the proven sires VR Froerup (VR Faber x R Fanfare) is still at the top and increased to NTM +33. Some countries still have semen doses of VR Thiago (VR Tuomi x R Haslev) who has an impressive NTM +36. VR Fabu (VR Faabeli x Buckaby) now has 354 milking daughters and increased to NTM +25. His daughters have a great fertility, are naturally healthy and have a good feed efficiency. VR Futari (VR Faabeli x VR Sampo) increased to NTM +22 with good fertility, udder health and feed efficiency.

Polled bulls

VR Fuzzy P gNTM +35 is the top polled sire and the new bull VR Fargo P gNTM +28 is the second-best polled bull. Their sire VR Fanof P (VR Falke P x VR Ejstrup) NTM +25 is the third best polled bull while VR Fitbit P (VR Flake P x VR Grimsby) gNTM +24 takes the fourth place on the polled list. VikingGenetics has four more sons after VR Fanof P so he will be challenged in the future by them. Another interesting polled bull is VR Babus P (VR Bonzai x VR Hel P) gNTM +20 since he is from a different polled pedigree line.

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VJ Gislev grandsons are dominating the VikingJersey rankings

New proofs resulted in an even more dominating position for VJ Gislev and his offspring, as more of the new bulls has VJ Gislev as paternal or maternal grand sire. As VJ Gislev has been used very little internationally, this opens great outcross opportunities to most Jersey breeders worldwide.

Exciting new bulls

VJ Jojo (VJ Jocko x VJ Gislev) is highest ranking bull with gNTM +29, due to his excellent health, fertility, and conformation profile. He is followed by VJ Gong (VJ Giant x VJ Perez) with gNTM +28, and VJ Chief (VJ Choko x VJ Hilario) – both having great sustainability and efficiency profiles (high breeding values for Saved feed).

Other new bulls to look out for are VJ Giga (VJ Giant x VJ Hjort) with gNTM +27, based on superior production and profitability, VJ Highlan (VJ Higher x VJ Pil) combining profitability with sustainability and health, and a polled bull VJ Waskiv P (VJ Hodja x Dillan P) combining Saved feed with excellent fertility and strong conformation.

All mentioned top bulls are producing sexed semen, like most VikingJersey sires. The domestic use of sexed Jersey semen is 72% and rapidly increasing (just like the use of sexed beef semen on Jerseys).

Daughter proven bulls are proving the VikingJersey genomic programme

A big group of daughter proven bulls are showing that the genomic evaluation is highly reliable. Bulls like VJ Gislev (VJ Hihl x VJ Lure), VJ James (VJ Jern x VJ Zolt), VJ Lari (VJ Lappe x DJ Zuma) and VJ Samson (VJ Hove x Irwin). All mentioned bulls are between NTM +14 and NTM +20. Daughter proven bulls VJ Gislev, VJ Samson and VJ Lari rank in top 10 in the USA.    

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