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26 Aug 2021

Breed Managers Round Table 08.2021

Welcome to the round table about the latest proof run! Here our Breed Managers write about the most interesting news regarding VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey in the light of the new breeding values.

New proofleaders for VikingHolstein

VikingHolstein has two new proofleaders after the August proof run. VH Bleech (Builder P x All-Star) gNTM +40 is the new proofleader among the genomic bulls. He breeds high-producing cows with high solids and a strong natural health profile. The well-known VH Nader (Norland x VH Ramis) gNTM +40 continues to stick to the top and so does VH Fillman (Felix x VH Brixton) NMT +39. 


New interesting bulls


The index run was a great success for the VikingHolstein bulls, and the lineup shows a lot of strong profiles and good genetic variation – genetics for all types of production environments.


Some of the new bulls that are available are VH Norman (Navy x VH Brook) gNTM +37, VH Dime RC (VH Don Red x VH Broback) gNTM +34 and VH Zinedin (Zekon x Bandares) gNTM +32. Three appealing bulls that represent the strength in the VikingHolstein lineup showing great production levels from high solids, a good natural health level and high functionality in conformation. Also, note the variation in the pedigrees.


Other recently introduced bulls that deserve to be highlighted are VH Saade (VH Stan x VH Esset) gNTM +33, VH DryPRed (Dream PRC x VH Dent RC) gNTM +33, VH Newstar (Norland x Silver) NTM +32, VH Lilling (Levis x Balisto) gNTM +31, VH Harry P (Hotspot P x Jetset) NTM +31 VH Finish (Felix x Lighter) gNTM +31, Ascari (VH Alberta x VH VH Pogba P) gNTM +30 and the homozygotic polled bull VH Heat PP (Hotspot P x VH Comxa P) gNTM +24.


Daughter proven


As mentioned, there is also a new proofleader among the daughter-proven bulls. VH Brixton (Balisto x VH Mandel) NTM +30 has now risen to the very top of the list. With more than 5,500 milking daughters the reliability of his breeding profile is high.


VH Bliet RC (VH Bosman x Fageno) NTM +27 is an interesting new bull. He has a good all-around profile. Also, the top bull from the last index run - Praser (Penmanship x Bay MVP) keeps up his good level with NTM +25 and an appealing profile. 

VH Bleech

Good stability for VikingRed

The August proof run showed good stability among the best genomic VikingRed bulls. VR Vesty (VR Vimo x VR Froberg) maintains his magic level at gNTM +41. In the ranking behind him, especially sons after VR Fanof P and VR Vimo who fight for the places. Among the daughter-proven sires, VR Froerup (VR Faber x R Fanfare) continues to be at the top with NTM +35.


Exciting genomic bulls


The sons after VR Vimo do great while VR Venus (VR Freeze) gNTM +35 is one of the future bulls in the pipeline. VR Vesty is the new genomic proofleader for VikingRed. He breeds daughters with high production, good udder health, milking speed and udders. Other new bulls added to the lineup are VR Barbar (VR Baran x VR Evodip) gNTM +30, a great health bull, and the new great polled bull VR Haval P (VR High P x VR Flux) gNTM +28.    


The older genomic bulls have good stability and are doing well in the top part of the NTM listing. This applies to VR Hakvin (VR Hakon x VR Birka) gNTM +32, VR Ung (VR Up x VR Fiat) gNTM +32, VR Vimo (VR Viljar x RocKstar) gNTM +30 and VR Fortess (VR Fabu x VR Thiago) gNTM +30. 


Good assortment of polled bulls


This proof round features a large assortment of polled VikingRed bulls. The new bull VR Haval P is from a different polled line than VR Flake P, so VR Haval P can be used on most of the polled heifers. Other interesting polled bulls are VR Vilho P (VR Venom x VR Abraham) gNTM +25 and VR Vic (VR Venom x Wookie) gNTM +22.


The VR Fanof P sons still do it great: VR Fuzzy P (VR Lazer) gNTM +35, VR Facit P (VR Lazer) gNTM +31, VR Fargo P (Horton) gNTM +24 and the homozygous polled bull VR Fine PP (VR Wonder) gNTM +21. 


Proven sires


Once again, VR Froerup (VR Faber x R Fanfare) NTM +35 is at the very top bull for the proven sires, and he has been that for some time. VR Futari (VR Faabeli x VR Sampo) went up to NTM +25 and have now close to 3,000 milking daughters. He has a great functional profile and breeds smaller cows, so a great choice for grazing production. VR Herbert (VR Hjust x VR Niki) kept NTM +21, he combines a good health profile with great production.  

VR Vesty

New outcross pedigrees topping the VikingJersey bull lineup

The August proofs resulted in a high-ranking group of VikingJersey bulls without any VJ Gislev genetics, being ready to take over from the VJ Gislev grandsons.       


Exciting new bulls                                                                                                          

Five new genomic bulls were added to the top list. VJ Winner (VJ Wilder x VJ Hitman) – gNTM +28, VJ Luxury (VJ Luxi x VJ Bonne) – gNTM +28, VJ Happens (VJ Habbit x VJ Klov) – gNTM +27, VJ Dalmo (VJ Sort x VJ Libero) – gNTM +26 and VJ Hauga (VJ Hays x VJ James) – gNTM +23. The new bulls all have positive breeding values for Fertility, Udder health, General health, Longevity and Udders.

All five bulls have both conventional and sexed semen available, and they will contribute to the popular sexed semen strategies in the Jersey herds. Sales of sexed VikingJersey semen now make out more than 90% of the total Jersey semen sales in the Nordic countries.  


Older genomic bulls are still doing great      

The VJ Gislev Grandsons, VJ Gong, VJ Giga, both NTM +27 and VJ Glyck gNTM +25 are still at the highest level, as well as the outcross bulls VJ Jojo gNTM +28 and VJ Nibiru gNTM +26. Please also check the outcross sons of VJ Higher, VJ HiggVJ Highlan and VJ Henk. They will all contribute to a sustainability profile, with their high breeding values on Fertility, Health traits, Longevity, as well as on Feet & Legs and Udders. 


VJ Gutz topping the Daughter proven JPI list in the USA     

VJ Gutz has taken over from his sire VJ Gislev when it comes to being a top-ranking daughter-proven bull in the USA. VJ Gutz ranks #2 for JPI (156 JPI) and he is now in front of other three VikingJersey bulls VJ SamsonVJ Hove and VJ Gislev, in the US Daughter proven JPI List.    

The main reasons for the high rankings are the high production of Milk solids, good health and longevity traits, very functional conformation, very good feed efficiency and exceptional Fertility traits. 


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VJ Winner