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12 Nov 2021

VikingGenetics celebrated the best-selling bulls

On Tuesday, November 9th, VikingGenetics celebrated some of the best-selling Danish-born bulls at the bull station in Assentoft, Denmark.

The annual event was postponed last year due to Covid-19 restrictions, but finally, we could meet, see and celebrate our best performing sires. The event was a tribute to both bulls and their breeders. In total, breeders of nine bulls joined the celebration.

The bulls were presented to the breeders at the bull barn, and breeders had information on bulls’ characteristics in behavior, breeding, semen sales, and other factors. Most interesting to the breeders was to meet the bulls, not having seen the animals since they left their farms up to seven years ago.

Bull breeders at Assentoft 2021

The honoured bulls are among our best-selling in 2020 but are still in high demand. The sires are making an impact on international dairy cattle breeding. The majority are younger genomic bulls, but a few of them are daughter-proven already. For the first time, beef bulls were also celebrated. It was to recognize the beef breeds that emphasize breeding bulls specialized in “Beef on Dairy” – a new and growing trend in the dairy business. 


The breeders of the bulls celebrated were

  • Svend Hestbæk (VH Allusio)
  • Vagn Kristensen (VH Nader)
  • Rønhave (VH Burzaco)
  • I/S Ulstruplund (VH Solado)
  • Klaus Ole Jørgensen (VJ Gislev)
  • Jørgen Kjølby (VJ Gutz)
  • Stakkehavegaard (VR Vimo)
  • Søren Røndbjerg (VR Farnam)
  • Torben Stolshøj-Pedersen (VR Fanof P)
  • Britta & Eigil Pedersen (VB Maskot and VB Nase)