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3 Nov 2020

NewVikings November 2020 - VikingRed

With the November proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our line-up! See the VikingRed bulls below.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more

VR Festivo

gNTM +28

(VR Funder x VR Hjusticia x VR Vimpula)

Do you want to boost the hoof health including feet and legs in your herd? Then you need to take a close look at VR Festivo.

VR Festivo has superior Hoof health (129) and great Feet and legs (117). His daughters will give you a good production during the entire lactation together with a reduced level of used feed. This will ensure a solid profit for you.

VR Festivo breeds daughters smaller than average with very good feet and legs. Your cows will have strong natural health, easy calvings and a good survival.

Behind VR Festivo is a cow family performing great in the herd. Right now, three generations are milking:

  • The dam has just started her second lactation. In the first, she had super percentages in the milk with 5.06 in Fat % and 4.41 in Protein %.
  • The granddam is in her third lactation. Over 3.24 year, she has given close to 1,000 kg fat and protein and 11,300 kg milk on average.
  • The great-granddam is in her fourth lactation. She has produced close to 900 kg fat and protein and 10,400 kg milk on average. The great-great-granddam milked for 4.07 year and gave close to 900 kg fat and protein.

VR Festivo is from a high-producing family with great longevity.

Breeder: Erkki and Anne Mikkonen, Finland.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

VR Festivo has X-Vik sexed semen available.

VR Figure

gNTM +27

(VR Funder x VR Vimpula x R Facet)

Is your focus higher production with many kg milk during the entire lactation? Then VR Figure is an ideal bull for you.

VR Figure gives you high Production (123) with many kg milk, good Percentages in the milk (114) and great Persistent (115)—a steady production during the lactation.

His daughters are taller that average with a good body depth, great feet and legs combined with well-attached udders. The back udder is the best part.

VR Figure ranks highly in all the health trait so you will get naturally healthy daughters from him.

The dam of VR Figure was bought for the VikingGenetics embryo programme, where she was flushed. But it's her own calves that have given the big bonus:

  • The bull VR Ballet as her first calf
  • VR Figure as her third calf

From her flushes, a heifer was purchased for the VikingGenetics embryo program. Another one was given a flush contract.

Over 3.37 years, the dam has given 928 kg fat and protein on average. In her third lactation, she gave an impressive 1,102 kg fat and protein in 305 days.

Breeder: Kuivaharjun mty, Finland.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Figure has X-Vik sexed semen available.

VR Unicus

gNTM +28

(VR Up x VR Fonseca x Tosikko)

Are you aiming to achieve higher production with high levels for fat and protein together with great udders and milking speed? Then VR Unicus is the solution for your herd.

VR Unicus will give you steady Production (118) with high levels of solids in the milk. Fat % (120) and Protein % (116), super Udder health (119) and great Milking speed (115).

On top of that, his daughters will be natural healthy and have easy calvings resulting in less work for you.

Daughters from VR Unicus will have:

  • Robust feet and legs
  • Well-attached udders suitable for milking robots

The dam is in her second lactation and performing great. In her first lactation, she had very high percentages in the milk with 4.18 in Protein % and 5.31 in Fat %.

The granddam is the oldest cow in the herd. She is in her sixth lactation. On average over seven years, she has given close to 900 kg of fat and protein.

The great-granddam milked for 4.54 years, while the great-great-granddam milked for 6.03 years. Great longevity runs in the family.

The dam was flushed as a heifer, and it resulted in three heifers which are also after VR Up.

All three heifers have a flush contract from VikingGenetics. Her own first calf was VR Unicus and her second calf is a super heifer with +35 in NTM after VR Vimo.

Breeder: Sterner and Thomas Hansson.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

Meet the bulls

In this video, Breeding Manager Jakob Lykke Voergaard presents the latest and the greatest from VikingRed: VR Froerup, VR Figure, VR Festivo and other top bulls topping the charts of the November 2020 Index Run. Watch Jakob’s update about how these bulls can help you breed healthy, trouble-free red cows.

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