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11 Aug 2020

NewVikings August 2020 - VikingHolstein


With the August proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our line-up! See the VikingHolstein bulls below.


*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more

VH Yngvar

gNTM +38
(Yoda x Dozer x Balisto)

Does an ideal balance between production from high solids, super health traits and appealing conformation sounds interesting to you? Then have a look at VH Yngvar.

VH Yngvar will ensure progress in your herd for production with a strong production index at 123 including a super index for solids (fat % index 118 and protein % index 114). Additionally, this bull will improve the genetic level for reproduction and especially the health traits. General health is at 106, hoof health at 107, and udder health at impressive 118.

You will find the functionality of the VH Yngvar offspring appealing. Cows with well-attached udders, strong feet and legs and a good balance in body capacity. Milking speed and temperament is also appealing at 106.

VH Yngvar is from the VikingGenetics international selection program and is born in Germany. His dam is called Prismagen No Limit and came to Germany as an embryo from the US. She has finalized her first lactation with solid production (9,400 kg milk, 4.63 % fat and 3.45 % protein) and classified 84 in total.

The breeder is Jörg Ekkel in Itterbeck, Germany. There is X-Vik sexed semen available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

VH Yngvar dam in 2nd lactation

VH Bohemy

gNTM +36
(VH Burash x VH Scout x VH Grafit)

Do you strive to increase the health level in your herd and improve the solids in the milk? Do you prefer your Holstein cows medium sized? Then VH Bohemy is the choice for you.

VH Bohemy is the perfect example of health and efficiency. He will make an impact in your herd on important traits such as production and health. He is a strong transmitter of solids (fat % index 128 and protein % index 128) from average level of milk (95). Health traits are strong with udder health at 114 and top hoof health at 117.

He breeds highly efficient, medium-sized cows and a super level of saved feed at 115. Udders are well balanced and functional, feet and legs are strong too.

VH Bohemy's dam is a 3rd lactating VH Scout daughter with more than 10,000 kg milk in yearly average. Look at the components: 5.19 % in fat and 4.02 % in protein. She is classified VG86 with VG87 in udder.

VH Bohemy is bred at the herd of Merja and Veli-Matti Repka in Kiuruvesi, Finland.

Beta casein: A1/A2     Kappa casein: AB

VH Saade

gNTM +34
(VH Stan x VH Esset x VH Blume)

Are you looking to enhance production and at the same time get easy calvings and healthier cows with good udders? VH Saade can give you just that.

VH Saade breed high production (122) from strong solids (fat % index 119 and protein % index 115). He is a calving ease bull with maternal calving ease at 109 and direct calving ease at 124. His health profile is strong and especially hoof health catches the eyes with index 121.

You will find appealing conformation on his daughters with super udders that are especially suitable for AMS systems, strong feet and legs and medium sized body capacity which also leads to a positive saved feed at 103.

His dam is an amazing VH Esset daughter with more than 11,000 kg milk in yearly average and outstanding solids 5.20 % in fat and 4.07 % in protein. She is classified VG83.

VH Saade is bred at the herd of Ersmarksgaarden AB in Ersmark in the Northern part of Sweden. There is X-Vik sexed semen available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB