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1 Feb 2022 - February 2022

NewVikings VikingHolstein

VH Sovran P

gNTM +27

(Simon P x Sniper x Silver)


Are you striving to get a higher production in your herd? Do you want big and strong Holstein cows? The heterozygotic polled bull VH Sovran P is a good choice for you.

VH Sovran P is a bull that catches attention. He is a strong production sire both in volume and in kilograms of fat and protein.

Consider using VH Sovran if you want:

  • High production
  • Easy calvings
  • Good longevity

He is strong in calving ease and hoof health. Conformation is a story of its own - breeding tall, wide and strong cows. Feet & legs are good, and udders are nicely attached, especially the rear udders. Daughters of VH Sovran P will have longer and thicker teats than average. 

He is from an international cow family that has delivered many good bulls. The dam is Tirsvad Sniper Gambia which is a high-producing cow as she has on average in 1.5 years produced 14,664 kg milk with 816 kg fat and protein. She is classified VG89 with an EX95 udder.

VH Sovran P was bred at the herd of Soeren Ernst Madsen in Tirsvad in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2A2 Kappa Casein: BB

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VH Sovran P

VH Comply

gNTM +36

(VH Cassidy x VH River x VH Barbero)


Are you looking for a bull that can combine improvement in production and health? Then VH Comply is a choice for you.

VH Comply breeds cows that will last long in your herd with improved health traits across the board. General health is at an exceptional level, where you can expect improvements in reproductive disorders, ketosis and metabolism. Production is increased both in milk volume and in kilograms of fat and protein. 

VH Comply will bring to the breeding in your herd:

  • Improved health traits 
  • Increased production
  • Long-lasting cows

The dam of VH Comply is a cow that produces milk with high fat and protein content. In her 2nd lactation, she produced 10,865 kg milk with 5.03% fat and 3.99% protein, totalling nearly 1,000 kg fat and protein. 

VH Comply was bred at the herd of I/S Foldagergaard in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2A2 Kappa Casein: BB

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VH Comply

VH Larsson

gNTM +33

(VH Larfelt x VH Moby x VH Blogg)


Are you looking for a Holstein bull that breeds efficient cows with lower stature combined with high production and good health? Then have a look at VH Larsson.

VH Larsson will breed daughters with lower stature. This makes him an ideal choice for a herd with Holstein cows that have become too tall. Daughters will have high fat and protein levels, and you can expect daughters to be healthy and fertile.

VH Larsson will:

  • Reduce stature of cows that have become too tall
  • Improve fat and protein production
  • Improve health and fertility

The dam of VH Larsson produced 9,366 kg milk and 741 kg fat and protein in her first lactation. Both the dam and the grand-dam of VH Larsson are efficient cows – being “only” 146 cm and 144 cm tall. The grand-dam has finalized her third 305 days lactation with 13,946 kg milk and 979 kg fat and protein.

VH Larsson is bred at the herd of Stallberg Lantbruk AB in Sweden.

Beta Casein: A2A2    Kappa Casein: AB

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VH Larsson

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