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1 Nov 2022

NewVikings VikingHolstein

VH Silani P

gNTM +28

(Stick PP x Aragon x VH Gavin)

Are you looking for modern-sized cows that are high yielding? VH Silani P is an excellent production bull and improves both kg milk, fat %, and protein %, and this sums up to a high yield index. 

The daughters produce with good persistency throughout the whole lactation. His daughters are modern-sized, meaning that their stature is average. The daughters will have good feet and legs, good udders with strong ligaments, and balanced rear udder. 

VH Silani P is heterozygous polled, which means that half of his offspring are polled when used on a horned female.

VH Silani P will breed cows that are:

  • Medium-sized
  • High yielding
  • Polled 

The dam of VH Silani P is a daughter after Aragon, and she was flushed as a heifer. This resulted in many calves - VH Silani P is one of them. She has completed her first 305 days of lactation and has produced 10,800 kg of milk with 4.84 % fat and 3.76 % protein. She's classified as VG86. 

VH Silani P is bred by I/S Højgaard, Denmark. 

Beta casein: A2/A2 Kappa casein: AB

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NewVikings VikingHolstein VH SilaniP

VH Alloy

gNTM + 34

(VH Alberta x VH Grejs x VH Gregor)

Are you looking for an easy-to-use bull? Then have a look at VH Alloy. He has a fantastic health profile with positive breeding values for all health traits with good fertility, hoof health, and youngstock survival.

His daughters will have good persistency, and they produce high amounts of milk containing high solids. His daughters will be slightly taller than average with good feet and legs and strong, shallow, well-attached udders with good teat size. The daughters will milk quickly and have an easygoing temperament.

Use VH Alloy if you are looking for:

  • An all-rounder, easy-to-use bull
  • Improved health
  • Good udder conformation

The dam of VH Alloy is a VH Grejs daughter. She was flushed as a heifer which resulted in several calves. She produces milk with high solids: 4.91 % fat and 3.86 % protein.

VH Alloy is bred by Øster Haunstrup, Denmark.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

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NewVikings VikingHolstein VH Alloy

VH Sadudu

gNTM +39

(VH Solado x VH Bosman x VH Brilon)

Are you looking for a bull that breeds commercial, modern-sized cows? VH Sadudu might be the option for you. 

He will decrease the stature of the cows and increase fat and protein production. He transmits improvement in all health traits, especially udder health and hoof health are outstanding.

VH Sadudu will breed cows for the commercial farmer that are:

  • Modern-sized
  • High producers of fat and protein
  • Healthy 

With 145 cm in stature, the dam of VH Sadudu is slightly smaller than average compared to the average VikingHolstein cow. She is a productive cow that produced 14,334 kg of milk with 4.59 % fat and 3.74 % protein in 305 days in her third lactation. This equals nearly 1,200 kg of fat and protein. She is classified as GP84.

VH Sadudu is bred in the herd of Anders Elholm Andersen, Denmark.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: BB

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NewVikings VikingHolstein VH Sadudu

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