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2 Feb 2021

NewVikings VikingJersey February 2021

VJ Highlan

gNTM +25

VJ Higher x VJ Pil x DJ Jason


If your focus in on profitability and workability in your breeding program, you definitely have to take a close look at VJ Highlan. 

VJ Highlan is a high-ranking VikingJersey bull breeding high milk solid production along with great fertility (108)

Daughters of VJ Highlan have very good udder health and will be long-lasting. In terms of conformation, the VJ Highlan daughters are of average stature with lots of capacity (both chest width and body depth), with strong parallel legs and steep foot angles (F&L 115).

The cows will have prime udders, well attached, shallow udders with strong ligament. Teats will be of ideal size and placement. VJ Highlan daughters will fit in all milking and management systems.

With VJ Highlan, you get cows that are: 

  • Profitable
  • Fertile and long living
  • Having superior udders and workability

VJ Highlan is a son of VJ Higher (VJ Hjorri son) Jocko, with 57% Danish genes, 39% North American (from Jace and Perimiter) and 4% NZ genes.

The dam is Kjoelby Pil Pernille from Kjoelby Jerseys in Hjoerring, Denmark. She has an annual production in her first 1.1 year of 8,865 kg milk with 6.49% fat and 4.39% protein.

VJ Highlan will be a perfect profitability and workability bull to combine with all pedigrees, as he is a true outcross to all other pedigrees.

Kappa Casein: AB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,     JNS Free,         aAa 564

VJ Gong

gNTM +28

VJ Giant x VJ Perez x VJ Janko


If health, profitability and sustainability is a priority in your breeding, then you should definitely include VJ Gong in your breeding program.

VJ Gong is the highest ranking of the VikingJersey bulls with a clear sustainability and efficiency profile.

Daughters of VJ Gong will produce high levels of milk solids with exceptional high protein percentage (125). 

You can expect the VJ Giga daughters to be very fertile, with high udder health (111) and good longevity, general health and hoof health.

VJ Gong is also high ranking for Saved feed (108), indicating that the daughters will be feed efficient and produce in a more climate-friendly way.

Daughters of VJ Gong are expected to be of average stature with strong feet and legs and with shallow udders.

Expect your daughters of VJ Gong to:

  • Produce milk with exceptional high percentages
  • Be medium-sized with good feed-efficiency
  • Have a great sustainability profile

VJ Gong is, like VJ Giga, a son of VJ Giant and a paternal grandson of VJ Gislev. The bulls in the pedigree are all doing incredibly well in both the Nordic evaluation system as well as in the North American.

The dam of VJ Gong is “Dongsgaarden Perez Mariann”, from the Dongsgaarden Jersey herd in the Island of Funen, Denmark. The dam has completed her first 305 days with 6,980 kg milk with 6.24% fat and 4.68% protein.

VJ Gong is an ideal bull to boost the sustainability of your herd and suitable for pasture based dairy farming as well. VJ Gong will be an outcross to all pedigrees except those with VJ Gislev involved.

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,    JNS Free


VJ Waskiv P

gNTM +16

VJ Hodja x Dillan P x VJ Lutz


Are you looking for polled genetics from a Jersey bull breeding high milk solid production, good daughter fertility and excellent feed efficiency? Then have a closer look at the highest-ranking polled bull, VJ Waskiv P.

Your daughters of VJ Waskiv P are expected to produce milk with high protein percentages, and to be very fertile (115)

The cows will also be highly feed efficient, as VJ Waskiv P is one of our breed leaders for Saved feed (113). Part of the reason for the feed efficiency is that the daughters are of medium-size and not too tall.

With VJ Wasskiv P, you will have daughters with strong feet and legs (116) as well as well-attached shallow udders with teats of ideal size.

VJ Waskiv P daughters will:

  • Be feed efficient and of medium size
  • Be very fertile
  • Have nice, strong feet and legs

 VJ Waskiv P is the only son of VJ Hodja (son of VJ Hjorri). Next sires are the American Dutch Hollow Dillan P and VikingJersey top bull VJ Lutz.

The dam of VJ Waskiv P is Lundsbjerggaard Dillan P Jeanette from the Lundsbjerg Jersey herd, in the Island of Funen, Denmark.

The dam has been enrolled in the VikingEmbryo donor programme and flushed several times. She has completed her first 305-day lactation with 6,980 kg milk and 6.24% fat and 4.68% protein.

VJ Waskiv P an interesting polled outcross bull that will boost fertility and feed efficiency in your Jersey herd.

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A1A2,     JH1 Free,     aAa 651,          Polled Pp



*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

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