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8 Aug 2023 - NewVikings August 2023

The best new VikingJersey sires

VJ Juke

gNTM +23

(VJ Jake x VJ Hodja x VJ Libero)

If sustainability and profitability play a part in your breeding program, look at the new VikingJersey top bull: VJ Juke.

VJ Juke breeds healthy, fertile, long-living cows with very high milk and solids production. He is among the breed leaders for udder health, longevity, and hoof health.

His daughters will be of average stature, with very steep foot angels and very well-attached, shallow udders.

With VJ Juke, you get cows with:

  • High milk solids production
  • Exceptional udder health, attachment, and support
  • Excellent hoof health and steep foot angle

VJ Juke is a son of VJ Jake, who was used very little, so VJ Juke will be an outcross to most other pedigrees. He comes from the herd of Tommy Flöjt in Finland. His dam scored VG 88; her average 305-day production in 2 lactations is 8,200 kg milk with 5.56% fat and 4.54% protein.

Kappa Casein: BB      Beta Casein: A2A2        

JH1 Free         JNS Free         Triple aAa: 615

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VJ Juke New sires VikingJersey NewVikings

VJ Rockit

gNTM +23

(VJ Ribe x VJ Nibali x VJ Lari)

Are you looking for an outcross bull to give you healthy, easy-to-work cows with exceptional milk solids and percentages? VJ Rockit is the bull you need.

VJ Rockit breeds healthy, efficient, and long-living cows with high milk solid production. His trademark is to improve all health traits and longevity within the herd and boost workability traits.

His daughters are of medium stature, with a good and functional type and slightly bigger teats than average - just like we want them.

VJ Rockit will give you cows with:

  • High production and percentages of milk solids - especially protein
  • Exceptional health traits
  • Good workability and ideal teat size

VJ Rockit was bred by Skaarupgaard Jerseys, in Denmark. He is the only son of VJ Ribe (VJ Dandi) in the VikingJersey program. His dam has been milking for 1½ years with an average of 6,600 kg of milk with 6.66% fat and 4.63% protein.

Kappa Casein: BB      Beta Casein: A2A2         

JH1 Free         JNS Free         Triple aAa: 516

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VJ Rockit New sires VikingJersey NewVikings

VJ Gonzo

gNTM +22

(VJ Giga x VJ Libero x VJ Pick)

Do you want a bull with a true sustainability type at a high genetic merit level? Look no further than VJ Gonzo.

VJ Gonzo will give you cows with lots of milk solids production with high percentages, good persistency, good feed efficiency, daughter fertility, health, and exceptional longevity.   

His daughters will be of average stature, with shallow udders and teats of ideal size and placement.   

Use VJ Gonzo to get:

  • High solids production and percentages
  • Long-living, feed-efficient cows
  • Good health traits and daughter fertility

VJ Gonzo originates from Niels Ulrik Andersen’s herd, Juulsgaard Jersey, in Denmark. He combines top genetics from leading populations, with VJ Gislev being the most dominant bull in the pedigree. His dam has been milking for four years, with an average of 8,200 kg of milk, with 6.50% fat and 4.78% protein.   

Kappa Casein: AB      Beta Casein: A2A2

JH1 Free     JNS Free    Triple aAa 543             

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VJ Gonzo New sires VikingJersey NewVikings

The Best New VikingJersey Sires

Meet the new top VikingJersey bulls ❗ Join Senior Breeding Manager Peter Larson at the bull barn in Denmark as he presents the NewVikings sires from VikingJersey.

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