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2 Feb 2021

NewVikings VikingRed February 2021

VR Fargo P

gNTM +28

VR Fanof P x VR Horton x VR Haltia


Is your main breeding goal polled cows with great production, good udders and easy calvings? Then VR Fargo P is an ideal bull for your herd.  

VR Fargo P has a great Production (118) with high fat and protein percentages in the milk and nice udders (115). VR Fargo P gives you easy calvings for both direct calving and maternal calving.

Your daughters after VR Fargo P will have:

  • Strong survival both as youngstock and cows
  • Good hoof health.
  • High milking speed
  • Good udders

The cows are very suitable for milking robots. 

VR Fargo P has a great cow family behind him. For four generations, the dams have been flushed and delivered bulls to VikingGenetics.

The dam was flushed as a heifer which resulted in VR Fargo P plus a heifer with a flush fee with VikingGenetics.  

The granddam was also flushed as heifer resulting in the bull VR Hopkins and a few heifers out of which four of them got a flush contract. Later, the dam had the bull VR Boris as her own calf.

The great-granddam was flushed three times and had the bull VR Fonseca.

The great great-grandam was the dam for VR Cigar. She was flushed three times as a cow after she had VR Cigar.

Breeder: Søren Røndbjerg, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: BB

VR Fargo P has X-Vik sexed semen available.

VR Haribo

gNTM +27

VR Heureka x VR Harald x Buckarby


Do you want to boost your production and save feed at the same time? Then take a closer look at VR Haribo. 

VR Haribo gives you a great Production (118) with a super mix of increased kg of milk together with nice percentages in the milk. He is also strong in Saved feed so his daughters will have a solid production and reduce feed costs.

With HR Haribo, your cows will:

  • Be average in size
  • Have strong feet and legs
  • Have a nice back udder and larger teats.

You will also have naturally healthy cows with especially good hoof health and calving traits.

VR Haribo is an excellent bull to breed heifers and with a positive milking speed, he is also suitable for robot systems.  

The granddam has performed very well in the herd and is currently milking in her fifth lactation. 

Breeder: HM Makia Oy, Finland.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Babus P

gNTM +20

VR Bonzai x VR Hel P x VR Ejstrup


Are you struggling with slow-milking cows with a bad temperament? Then VR Babus P is a bull that can help in your herd.

VR Babus P will give you fast milking daughters (124) with a great temperament, making them easy to work with. The cows will also yield good percentages in the milk and a high production throughout the lactation. 

With VR Babus, your cows will have:

  • A larger frame with body depth and width chest
  • Parallel rear legs
  • Great udders with a good fore udder attachment and udder depth.

VR Babus P is one of the few bulls that combine an larger frame with a low use of feed.

On top of that, VR Babus P is polled and gives you great calving traits so the daughters will have easy calvings—.a great choice for heifers.

The RDM breed association in Denmark have genomic tested animals with high Nordic Total Merit (NTM) to increase the interest in the breeding work.

The dam of VR Babus P was one of the selected animals and she was so good that she was flushed as a heifer. This flush resulted in VR Babus P and two of the heifers got a flush contract from VikingGenetics. They have already been flushed twice each and as a bonus, they are both polled.

The dam of VR Babus P is milking in her second lactation. During her production time, the protein% has been 3.85 and the fat% 5.17. The grand dam milked for 4.3 year, also with good percentages, 4.00 in protein% and 4.80 in fat%.

The breeder is known for great polled bulls—VR Fuzzy P, VR Facit P and VR Vigil P are all from the same herd.  

Breeder: Bent Skovgård, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Babus P has X-Vik sexed semen available.



*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

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