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2 May 2023 - NewVikings May 2023

The best new VikingRed sires

VR Hamze P

gNTM +25

(VR Huvitus x VR Fanof P x VR Umbro)

Are you looking for a bull that can improve fertility and hoof health, and add polled genetics to your herd? Then consider VR Hamze P.

VR Hamze P offers exceptional fertility and hoof health traits, resulting in a high conception rate and healthier hooves. Additionally, his daughters will have good production and increased milk volume.

Half of VR Hamze P's progeny will be polled. This can lead to fewer injuries and lower stress levels in cattle, making them more comfortable and easier to manage.

VR Hamze P breeds for:

  • Exceptional fertility and hoof health
  • Good production and volume
  • Polled genetics

VR Hamze P's dam is in her second lactation and pregnant again; she will calve within less than a year from her last calf. She averages 10.200 kg of milk with 5.01% fat and 4.03% protein. Thomas Heiding, from Sweden, has carefully selected and bred VR Hamze P for his outstanding traits.

Beta casein: A1A2      Kappa casein: AB       Polled: Pp

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VR Hamze P New sires VikingRed NewVikings

VR Fosu PP

gNTM +24

(VR Fin PP x VR Luke P x VR Hjusticia)

Meet VR Fosu PP, the homozygotic polled bull that will improve your dairy herd's feed efficiency, fertility, and genetics.

All of VR Fosu PP’s offspring will be polled, making him a great choice for farmers who want to save time and money on dehorning procedures. You will also get cows with great feed efficiency – converting feed to milk with ease – which helps you reduce feed costs.

His daughters benefit from good fertility, general health, and easy calvings, making him an excellent choice for improving your herd's all-around genetics.

Choose VR Fosu PP for:  

  • Homozygotic polled
  • Great feed efficiency
  • Excellent maternal traits

His dam is one of the best homozygotic polled females in the VikingRed population, so you can be sure that VR Fosu PP's genetics are top-notch. She was flushed four times, resulting in three bulls and two heifers with flush contracts, and averages 9,150 kg of milk, 4.11% protein, and 5.02% fat. VR Fosu PP was bred from Lars Kjær Møller’s herd in Denmark.

Beta casein: A1A2      Kappa casein: AA       Polled: PP

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VR Fosu PP New sires VikingRed NewVikings

VR Herluf

gNTM +27

(VR Hans x VR Hopla x VR Bermuda)

Do you want calm, easy-to-manage cows with high lifetime production and good hoof health? VR Herluf can help you with that.

VR Herluf breeds cows with good milk production and increased volume, making him a solid choice for farmers looking to boost their overall production.

His daughters have good hoof health and longevity, ensuring that you get healthy and productive cows that live for longer. They also have a calm temperament, making them easy to milk and manage.

Use VR Herluf to achieve:

  • Good milk production
  • Strong hoof health
  • Calm, long-living cows

VR Herluf’s dam is part of VikingGenetics’ embryo program, and his granddam is in her third lactation, so you can be sure that his world-class genetics will give you real results. His dam averaged 12,700 kg of milk with 3.73% protein and 4.08% fat in her first two lactations.

Beta casein: A2A2      Kappa casein: AB

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VR Herluf New sires VikingRed NewVikings

The Best New VikingRed Sires

Meet the new top VikingRed sires ❗ Join Product Manager Hielke Wiersma at the bull barn in Denmark as he introduces the NewVikings sires from VikingRed.

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