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3 May 2022 - May 2022

NewVikings VikingRed

VR Heinz

gNTM +37

(VR Hadberg x VR Funk x VR Borat) 


Are you looking for better udder health together with super high fat and protein production? Then VR Heinz is a bull for your herd. VR Heinz will bring a great production with high components together with great udder health and good daughter fertility.

The above is combined with good general health and longevity. The daughters are slightly above average in size with fine feet and legs and a high set udder with good front teats placement.

Use VR Heinz if you are looking for:

  • The highest-ranking VikingRed bull internationally available
  • High fat and protein production
  • Improved health

The dam was flushed as a heifer, and this gave two bulls VR Uday, VR Fjerrit and the dam of VR Heinz. VR Heinz was was born of an embryo flushing as well. 

The dam is in her second lactation, and over 1.2 years she has produced an average of 10,872 kg of milk and 984 kg of fat + protein. She is classified VG 87 with 88 for the udder. 

The grandmother milks in her third lactation with an average of 1,019 kg of fat + protein over three years and has been classified as VG 88. The great-grandmother is in her fifth lactation, while the great-great-grandmother is still in full vigour. She is in her eighth lactation and she has milked over 100,000 kg of milk and 7,600 kg of fat and protein. What a fantastic long-lasting cow family with good type and high production. 

Breeder: Flemming Pedersen, Denmark

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

VR Heinz has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

Bull profile
VikingRed VR Heinz

VR Videl

gNTM +30

(VR Vilperi x VR Faabeli x V Föske)


If your goal is to improve fertility, health and production, VR Videl is a long-term solution for your herd. 

VR Videl transmits increased production with high fat and protein. This is combined with great fertility, udder health and longevity. The daughters are a bit taller than average in size and have a good front udder attachment and udder depth.      

You should use VR Videl if you are looking for:

  • An all-around Red bull
  • High fat and protein output
  • Great health 

The dam to VR Videl has shown her value and longevity and is now milking in her fifth lactation. She has in over four years on average given 9,917 kg milk and 954 kg fat and protein with an average fat percent of 5.0%. 

Breeder: Roland Sjöstrand, Sweden.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

VR Videl has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

Bull profile
VikingRed VR Videl

VR Vehmaa

gNTM +29

(VR Vimo x VR Filur x VR Faabeli)


Are you looking to attain higher production and a larger frame on the cows? Then VR Vehmaa will be a good choice for your herd. VR Vehmaa will contribute with a good production with high percentages. 

This is combined with good longevity, udder health, milking speed and young stock survival. As a bonus, the calves are easily born so VR Vehmaa is a super bull for heifers. The daughters will have larger frames, paralleled legs from behind and strong udders.  

Expect the VR Vehmaa daughters to have:

  • Larger frames
  • High production
  • Improved health

The dam is currently pregnant in her second lactation in an organic herd in Finland. The dam was classified 79-84-85-84 in the first lactation. The grand dam is still milking in the herd and has started her fourth lactation. In her last lactation of 305 days, she gave an impressive 1,008 kg of dry matter and more than 11,000 kg of milk. She is classified 81-81-88-85 in the second lactation.

Breeder: Carin Grotenfelt, Finland. 

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

VR Vehmaa has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

Bull profile
VikingRed VR Vehmaa

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