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10 Aug 2021

NewVikings VikingRed August 2021

VR Barbar

gNTM +30

VR Baran x VR Evodip x VR Farmari


Is udder health an issue in your herd that you are looking for a bull to improve?

Then VR Barbar will be a great sire for you to consider. VR Barbar is a real udder specialist both for Udder health and Udder conformation.

In addition to the great udder health, you will experience good milking speed. It's all combined with great longevity and solid hoof health.

Your daughters of VR Barbar will be:

  • Healthy
  • Fertile
  • Equipped with strong fore udder attachment and udder depth.

The dam of VR Barbar was flushed as a heifer, but her own calf resulted in VR Barbar.

The grand dam was bought as an embryo from the VikingGenetics heifer station in Finland. She is now in her fourth lactation and still going strong with a great udder.

The great grand and great great grand dam were flushed at the VikingGenetics donor station in Finland.

Breeder: Matti and Liisa Markkula, Finland

Beta Casein: A1/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

VR Barbar has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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VR Barbar

VR Vimma

gNTM +25

VR Vimo x VR Emir x VR Taco


Are you looking for a VikingRed bull that will increase the body size of your offspring, improve udder conformation and production — all at the same time?

Then VR Vimma is the obvious choice for you.

If you have cows that are too small or narrow in the chest, VR Vimma can help breed a larger frame. He'll also give your daughters very nice udders with especially longer teats.

Expect your VR Vimma daughters to give a good production and also improve the fat and protein percentages in your herd.

VR Vimma daughters will have:

  • Good udder health
  • Easy calvings
  • Fast milking speed

VikingGenetics bought the grand dam for the VikingEmbryo programme. She was flushed three times with good results.

We selected two bulls and VR Fiddler got in semen production. We also chose two heifers for our embryo programme. The dam of VR Vimma was one of them.

The dam was flushed three times. The grand dam is in her fourth lactation and is still milking. The great grand dam milked for over 8 years.   

Breeder: VikingGenetics, Finland

Beta Casein: A1/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Vimma has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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VR Vimma

VR Haval P

gNTM +28

VR High P x VR Flux x VR Leroy


Is your main focus polled animals with a good temperament and great fat production? Then VR Haval P is the ideal bull for your herd.

VR Haval P breeds a great fat production during the entire lactation combined with solid growth. The daughters are easy to work with due to their pleasant temperament.

Your VR Haval P daughters will have:

  • Strong hoof health
  • Ideal front teats placement
  • Great udder dept

As a bonus, half of VR Havel P's offspring will be polled.  

The dam was bought for the VikingGenetics embryo programme. She has bred a heifer that got a flush contract. On the bull side, she has given birth to VR Haval P.

The dam is in her third lactation, yielding highly concentrated milk.

In average over 2.58 years, she's given close to 10,000 kg milk with 4.19 % protein and 5.50 % fat, meaning 957 kg of solids.

She's in her second lactation classified 82-83-83-83. The grand dam milked for 3.2 years, the great grand dam for 5.51 years.

Breeder: Marit Ottoson-Svensson, Sweden.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

(In the picture is VR Haval P sire VR High P)

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VR High P

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