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9 Aug 2022 - August 2022

NewVikings VikingRed

VR Error

gNTM +30

(VR Elektro x VR Sumakki x R David)


If your goal is to improve hoof health and reduce feed cost, and at the same time increase production, VR Error is a bull that will make a difference in your herd.

VR Error has a great Saved Feed index, so you'll save in feed cost and increase production. His daughters will have easy calvings, and he can be used for heifers. On top of that, you will get cows with stellar hoof health, longevity, and daughters with well-attached udders.

Expect this of your VR Error daughters:

  • Efficient cows
  • Great hoof health
  • Increased milk volume

The dam ended her 3rd lactation and averaged 811 kg fat and protein in these three lactations. VR Error was her second calf, and her third calf was genomically tested with a great result. The grand dam milked for over five years in the herd and averaged 835 kg fat and protein per year in her productive life.

Breeder is APM Lantbruk AB, Sweden.  

Beta Casein: A2/A2   Kappa Casein: AB

Bull profile
VR Error VikingRed Top Bull August 2022

VR Virkild

gNTM +27

(VR Vario x VR Favre x R Facet)


Are you looking to build up the health level in your herd without compromising on production and type traits? Then VR Virkild is the ideal choice for you.

VR Virkild is an all-around bull that will give you good production with high components. The lactation persistency is good throughout the lactation. He has a functional breeding profile with exceptional health, survival and calving traits. He's a suitable sire to be used for heifers. The daughters will be above average in size and have good feet & legs and good udders. They will milk fast and are suitable for robot milking. 

VR Virkild will give you cows that have:

  • Great health
  • High fat and protein levels
  • Strong conformation

The dam of VR Virkild was in production for over four years. She gave an impressive 10,114 kg of milk on average with 6.47 % fat and 4.49 % protein, totalling 1,108 kg of dry matter. The dam had a VikingEmbyo flushing contract. She is the dam of sires VR Virkild and VR Hjuve. She has three daughters on a flushing contract for the VikingRed breeding programme. Her first son, VR Hjuve is already a proven sire and is among the highest ranking daughter-proven VikingRed bulls.

Breeder is Poul Dissing, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Virkild has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

Bull profile
VR Virkild VikingRed Top Bull August 2022

VR Vito P

gNTM +23

(VR Vigil P x VR Freeze x VR Fair)


Would you like to find a sire that combines the polled gene and health traits? Look no further because VR Vito P is the right pick for your herd.

VR Vito P is a health transmitter. He improves all health traits and is heterozygotic polled, so half of his offspring will be born without horns. His daughters will have good fertility and calving traits, mild temperament and good feed efficiency. His high Longevity index reflects the health and functional profile of VR Vito P. His daughters will stay longer in the herd than average. The daughters will be below average in size, have great feet and legs and excellent rear udders.

Use VR Vito P if you are looking for:

  • Polled sire
  • Excellent health
  • Durable and long-lasting cows

The dam was flushed two times as a heifer. Those flushes gave VR Vito P and good heifers, of which six heifers got flushing contracts with VikingGenetics. 

The dam is in her third lactation and on average, she has given 766 kg fat and protein with 5.23 % fat and 4.07 % protein. The grand dam produced an average of 790 kg fat and protein per year for over four years. 

Breeder is Niels Peter Mogensen, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Vito P has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

Bull profile
VR Virkild VikingRed Top Bull August 2022

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