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10 Feb 2023 - February proofs 2023

The Best VikingRed Sires

VR Ferman

gNTM +36 genomic

(VR Fairway x VR Hopla x VR Favre)

VR Ferman is ideal for those who focus on high components, good general health, and ease of working with their cows. With impressive milk production and good persistency, VR Ferman provides healthy and long-living daughters.

The daughters are easy to work with due to their fast milking speed and good temperament. These cows are taller than average, and have strong feet and legs, along with good fore udder attachment and udder depth.

Expect the following traits from VR Ferman's daughters:

  • High lifetime production
  • High fat and protein percentages
  • Good temperament

The grand dam was flushed three times, producing VR Virkild, VR Hjuve, and three flush contracts on heifers, along with her calves. VR Hjuve is now a proven sire with an impressive NTM +21.

The dam of VR Ferman is in her second lactation and has produced an average of 11,000 kg of milk and 1,050 kg of fat and protein over 1.3 years, with protein percentage at 3.93 % and fat percentage at 5.62 %.

The grand dam milked for 4.2 years, producing an impressive average of 10,114 kg of milk with 4.49 % protein and 6.47 % fat.

Breeder: Poul Dissing, Denmark

Beta Casein: A1/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

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Proofleaders The Best VikingRed Sires VR Ferman

VR Froerup

NTM +29 proven

(VR Faber x R Fanfare x R Gazelle)

If your breeding goals are to achieve high production and natural health in your herd, then VR Froerup is the bull for you. He's been the VikingRed proofleader for many years among the daughter-proven sires.

He offers a fantastic combination of excellent health traits in udder health, general health, and hoof health, as well as outstanding production with high levels of milk, fat, and protein.

VR Froerup's daughters have:

  • An impressive level of persistency
  • Quick milking speed
  • Longevity

In terms of conformation, VR Froerup's daughters are known for having a large frame with good body depth and chest width, a desirable foot angle, firm fore udder attachment, and udder depth. With an increased birth index, he is now suitable for use on heifers. VR Froerup's daughters are naturally healthy, low-maintenance, and profitable.

VR Froerup's dam is still in peak production, currently in her seventh lactation with an impressive NTM +24. Over an average of 7.4 years, she has produced 11,988 kg of milk with 3.58 % protein and 4.85 % fat, a total of 1,011 kg of dry matter. These translate to a lifetime production of almost 90,000 kg of milk and 7,500 kg of fat and protein. In her third lactation, she was classified as 86-81-82-84.

The breeder of VR Froerup is Ole Nielsen of Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A1, Kappa Casein: AA

In the picture VR Froerup daughter

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Proofleaders The Best VikingRed Sires VR Froerup daughter

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