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5 May 2023 - May Proofs 2023

The Best VikingRed Sires

VR Vimo

NTM +30 proven

(VR Viljar x Rockstar x R Fastrup)

Looking for a proven sire that can improve your herd's genetics and profitability? Meet VR Vimo, the bull that delivers exceptional production, excellent udder health, and top-notch fertility.

With VR Vimo, you'll get cows that have high stature and a strong, sturdy body, along with excellent udders that ensure optimal milk production. The high udder depth and steep foot angle of his daughters make them easy to work with, even in large herds.

VR Vimo's daughters are excellent at converting feed into milk, thanks to their high metabolic feed efficiency. You can expect good production with super fat percentages, resulting in a profitable and efficient herd.

His genetic makeup combines the best traits from bulls in Finland, Canada, and Denmark, resulting in a high-quality bull that passes on world-class genetics. His dam was probably the best Rockstar cow in the world, milking for 6.2 years and averaging over 11,700 kg of milk with great components. While she was easy to work with, she was also a cow with an attitude who didn’t accept being pushed around by her herd mates. She was classified VG 89.


VR Vimo stands out for:

  • Superior frame and udder
  • Exceptional production and feed efficiency
  • Proven genetics from top bulls

VR Vimo is bred by Stakkehavegård in Denmark. Choose VR Vimo for a profitable and healthy herd that's built to last.

Kappa Casein: AA      Beta Casein: A2A2     X-Vik sexed semen available 

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Proofleaders The Best VikingRed Sires VR Vimo

VR Ferman

gNTM +39

(VR Fairway x VR Hopla x VR Favre)

Introducing VR Ferman – the perfect bull for dairy farmers who value high milk components, general health, and easy handling of their cows.

With a remarkable NTM score of +39, VR Ferman offers a unique combination of high milk production and remarkable persistency. His daughters are fast at milking and produce high fat and protein percentages, leading to high lifetime production.

VR Ferman's daughters are known for their gentle temperament and excellent ease of work, making your daily routine smoother and more efficient. They also have sturdy builds with strong feet and legs, ensuring their longevity in your herd.


Here is why VR Ferman should be your next choice:

  • Exceptional milk production
  • Easy handling
  • Proven breeding

VR Ferman’s dam was also flushed on a contract, producing him and two other daughters with flush contracts. His granddam was flushed three times and produced VR Virkild, VR Hjuve, and several heifers with flush contracts, along with her own offspring.

In her second lactation, VR Ferman’s dam produced an average of 11,443 kg of milk, with 4.00% protein and 5.70% fat over 2 years. The granddam milked for 4.20 years, producing an average of 1,108 kg of dry matter, with 4.49% protein and 6.47% fat, and a total of 10,114 kg of milk.

VR Ferman is bred by Poul Dissing in Denmark. Don’t miss out on VR Ferman, he will give you a profitable and efficient dairy operation!

Kappa Casein: AA      Beta Casein: A1A2     X-Vik sexed semen available

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Proofleaders The Best VikingRed Sires VR Ferman

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