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13 Nov 2019

Viking On Tour event in Italy

Along with our Italian distributor Genesi Project, we held a Viking On Tour event in Italy with an emphasis on our Hoof Health index. Hoof health is very important for dairy cows as poor hoof health can result in many other health issues and lower production level.

The event was kickstarted in the Reggio Emilia region, which is world known for their Parmigiano Reggiano cheese production. It is very common in that are for farmers to use VikingGenetics’ sires on their herds. The farmers have very high-quality expectations for the bulls they use as the production of cheese requires good quality milk. Our bulls inherit great health with good production and high solids.

Later that day, after presentations from our Export manager, Genesi Project and a Danish hoof trimming expert, the tour day continued to a dairy farm for a more practical approach to hoof health. There was a demonstration of hoof trimming. The hoof trimmer showed in practice how to handle the cows, trim the hoofs and save the treatment data.

The next day, the same event schedule was followed, but the farm visit was to a large commercial farm located just outside of Milano. Farmers were very interested in hearing about the Nordic approach to hoof health as a concept where genetics and management both play a vital role.

In total for the two days in Italy we hosted a total of 80 guests! Thank you for all for participating!

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