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4 May 2022 - May 2022

VikingBeef Top Bulls

VB Picasso

This Danish Blue bull is popular due to his high indices for Calving ease and Calf survival. He has a promising pedigree with Golden as sire and Tornado as grandsire. 


When used for Beef on Dairy, he gives a gestation length of 280 days, which makes it possible to return the cows quickly into milking again. 


VB Picasso is a good semen producer and is available in conventional and sexed semen. 


He is bred in Denmark by Britta Pedersen and was born in 2019.

NAV Bull profile
Danish Blue VB Picasso

VB Wandil

VB Wandil is a Hereford bull, born in Sweden in 2019. He's sired by the Australian bull Justin, with Canadian bull Tittle Shot as grandsire. 

This sire can be used for both Beef on Dairy and pure breeding. He's excellent in both uses. He has a very high index for Calving ease and Calf survival. His calves are expected to perform well for Growth and Carcass conformation

He is available with conventional, Y-Vik™ and X-Vik™ semen.

He was bred by Göran Johansson and Helena Johnson.

NAV Bull profile
Hereford VB Wandil

VB Abedeen

This Angus bull is among the top bulls on NBDI when it comes to the Calving ease index for both cows and heifers. He is extremely popular in the Nordic region due to those easy calvings. We are currently waiting for his full proofs with an index for Growth. 

Abedeen is available with conventional and sexed semen.

He was born in Sweden in 2019 and bred by Roland and Lena Johansson.

NAV Bull profile
Aberdeen Angus VB Abedeen

Meet the top VikingBeef bulls!

Join Breeding Manager Reni Hvam Nielsen for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark. She presents the top sires from VikingBeef.