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21 Apr 2023 - Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics re-elects Chairperson of the Board

Per-Johan Svensson has been re-elected as Chairperson of the Board for VikingGenetics, at the company’s General Assembly on 19 April 2023. The Representative Delegates also elected Jari Loponen as a new Board Member.

VikingGenetics has today announced the re-election of Per-Johan Svensson as Chairperson of the Board. Mr Svensson has a lengthy background in the dairy and beef industries and was first elected as Chairperson of the Board in 2022, having joined the board of VikingGenetics in 2014. He has also been a member of the board for Växa since 2013.

Upon re-election, Mr Svensson said, “It's really nice to have renewed confidence as Chairman of the Board for VikingGenetics! Our mission is to create value for Danish, Finnish and Swedish dairy and beef farmers. Our new CEO, Louise Helmer, is truly an asset. Her sharpness and energy contribute and we have come far in the work of shaping the company. We are mainly focusing on the Nordic breeding programs to continue to drive the development of the embryo business and create conditions for profitable export. We are on our way to becoming an attractive, independent, international breeding company."

"I look forward to being in the driver’s seat of the development of VikingGenetics together with the board and company management for another year," added Per-Johan.

Besides Mr Svensson’s re-election, the Board of Directors also elected Anders Levring and Andreas Johansson as Vice Chairmen of the Board.

VikingGenetics Board of Directors

New Member of the Board

During the general assembly, the Delegate Representatives from VikingGenetics' owners - VikingDanmark, Växa Sverige, and Faba osk - also elected Jari Loponen as a new Member of the Board, representing Finnish dairy and beef farmers. 

Mr Loponen is also a member of the VikingHolstein breed committee and currently milks 70 VikingHolstein cows with one robot at Lopola Farm in Parkku, Finland.  Mr Loponen succeeds Anna Lappalainen, who will leave the Board.

“Being appointed as a Member of the Board of VikingGenetics is a great honour. I have been part of the VikingHolstein breeding committee for many years, and I am humbled to join a great team working to create future development across all our breeding programmes,” said Mr Loponen.

“Being part of the board is very exciting, and I am confident that together we will continue pushing VikingGenetics’ international breeding collaboration forward,” he added.


For further information:

Per-Johan Svensson

Chairperson of the Board

Mobile: +46 70-551 52 87


Jari Loponen

Member of the Board

Mobile: +358 50 336 3459


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