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14 Sep 2022

Cow reproduction

Efficient cow reproduction means better milk production

Getting that cow in calf first-time is now even more important in this time when the costs of running a dairy farm have increased dramatically.

Cows come into heat every 21 to 22 days, on average, with heifers having shorter intervals by around a day. These periods of opportunity cannot be missed and you need to be ready to react to gain the best results.

Experts are always on hand to match the genetic needs of your herd with the right bulls to ensure cow reproduction on your farm is a simple and productive procedure.

Using genetics wisely

With data and science-driven genetics, you get the lowest use of antibiotics and hormones and the highest lifetime production per cow.

Every herd has its top producers and those that perhaps are not doing as well as they could. That is why a good cow reproduction plan is essential and ready to go.

Experts can help you achieve the best genetic potential from your cows by using genomic testing, to allow you, the farmer, to make the most informed decisions about the future of your herd.

On farms today, the use of accurate data is essential when it comes to breeding decisions and selection strategies. Genomic testing is transforming the way dairy farmers make breeding and management decisions.

Best cows to breed

By taking a DNA sample, genomic testing converts it into a comprehensive genomic evaluation for all profit driving traits, which in the long term is a major plus for farm businesses.

Using the results from the genomic tests you can estimate your herd’s genetic level and accurately define the best heifers and cows to use as replacements. That means fewer guesses and more accurate breeding and management decisions.

A genomic test of your females is an advanced tool to ensure that you focus on the right females as parents to the next generation and achieve higher genetic progress.

Farmers have many decisions to make on their dairy farms but rest assured experts have the knowledge you need to boost your cow reproduction plans.

Efficient management

Farmers are the best managers of their herds but VikingGenetics can assist with cow reproduction to make your herds as efficient as possible.

As a co-operative, VikingGenetics is owned by 20,000 dairy and beef farmers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The focus is on animal welfare, food security, and reducing climate impact in the entire production chain. We partner with universities, research organisations, and experts across the globe to give you the tools and technology to select the best bulls.

High ranking bulls

Innovative breeding programmes foster healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows with high production of milk and solids. They also have excellent fertility and a natural defence against disease.

Our bulls are not only the highest ranking on our own NTM scale, as they also have a strong international position for example on the NM$ scale.

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