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2 Oct 2020

Bedding materials - part 2

Recycled Manure Solids (RMS)
This kind of material delivers clear advantages in terms of cow comfort, locomotion, cow flow, total cost, and impact on equipment, in addition to availability and management. RMS can be used on top of mattresses with a 5 to 10 cm layer or as deep as 20 to 30 cm of material. Keep in mind that udder health can be compromised representing a potential risk for coliform outbreaks, especially in hot and humid environment. A vaccination program for coliform mastitis is required. You should monitor dry matter and temperature on a daily basis.

Mattresses are the most popular bedding system in robotic milking operations around the world. Their performance depends on proper management, mattress quality and the amount of organic bedding on top. Choose the best option in the market in terms of cushion, traction and support. Always add organic bedding on top in order to balance cow comfort and facilitate surface cleanliness. Adding 2.5 to 10 cm of organic bedding on top will optimize cow comfort and udder health.

Conclusion: organic bedding contains a higher number of bacteria than the ones from mineral material. When using mineral bedding material, the risk of exposure to environmental mastitis pathogens will increase. The use of bedding additives to increase the dryness of the bedding around the udder will limit the growth of bacteria and reduce the concentration of bacteria around teat ends.

Sources: DeLaval and SEGES