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2 Oct 2020

Good dry period routines

Even though most cases of mastitis occur in the beginning of the lactation, most of the new cases of mastitis occur in the dry period and calving. It takes 7-16 days after the beginning of the dry period before the streak canal is closed with keratin plug. In this period the risk of bacterial intrusion. Depending on the bacteria type and scope of infection, the days after this period the infection may take place. And if it is caused by streptococcus uberis (S. ubevis) the clinical mastitis occurs within 100 days after the intrusion.

Good dry cow routines are important:

  • Use of disinfective teat dip cup solutions for the period of 1-2 weeks after drying off. Also for fresh calvers.
  • Milking the cows that have milk leakage
  • Good milking routines after calving
  • Careful introduction of the first calvers into the cow group.