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5 Oct 2020

Hoof trimming

Hoof trimming 2-3 months before calving or when drying off

Hoof disorders in dairy cattle can be related to environment (physical surroundings), infections and hygiene related matters.

We recommend you first examine the hoofs of all cows in connection with drying off and treat all cows showing signs of digital dermatitis or other infectious hoof disorders. In addition, correct hoof trimming to correct hoof shape at this time helps to prepare the cow for a successful start to next lactation

In the event of a dry period of almost two months, trimming the hoofs into the correct hoof shape shortly before drying off, will result in a correct hoof shape at calving. It will also ensure the cow’s hooves are not too thin if she is moved to a hard surface (usually concrete) after calving.

Hoof shape is very important and, in many herds, a neglected issue. This goes for heifers that also need the correct hoof shape when calving. Hoof trimming is therefore recommended for all cows and heifers in calf 2-3 months prior to expected calving or in connection with drying off.

Source: SEGES, Denmark