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A sustainable partner for milk and beef processors

Accommodate consumer demands for animal welfare and low carbon footprint. Choose a breeding company with focus on health, efficiency and sustainability. Explore the genetics solutions creating tomorrow's milk and beef.

Cattle breeding for a better future

As a milk or beef processor, you juggle a number of different interests and expectations. Not just from your owners, investors and management but also from consumers, governments and global media.

These actors have all become aware of the importance of better animal welfare and a lower carbon footprint. In your value chain, you'll find cattle genetics companies whose conduct also has an impact on your business.

You want subcontractors who are in sync with the demands of the future. Solutions that are based on accurate calculations and measurable results. Someone who is supporting the farmers' need for a sustainable licence to produce.

Data-driven genetics for sustainable farming

At VikingGenetics, we help corporate farms and modern family farmers breed climate-friendly, efficient and trouble-free cattle.

Our breeding programmes are based on the decades of scientific research and data collection — carried out by farmers, veterinarians, AI technicians and other experts around the world.

We focus on health, animal welfare and sustainability in everything we do. As a result of this, our breeds VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey have the lowest use of antibiotics combined with the highest lifetime production.

Bulls from VikingGenetics give our farmers high index scores in:

  • Milking speed and production
  • Feed efficiency
  • Longevity
  • General health, hoof health and udder health
  • Fertility (including easy calvings)

Popular breeding solutions for modern farmers

In our total merit index, we track traits of economic importance. Our bulls are also evaluated in parallel systems all over the world, giving farmers a real tool to select the best genetics.

In recent years, these breeding solutions have become popular amongst dairy and beef producers around the world:

  • Genomic testing of heifers and young bulls
  • Using sexed semen on the best heifers and cows to boost the genetics progress of the next generation
  • Using Beef on Dairy on the lowest-performing cows and reducing the number of unwanted bull calves
  • Using polled genetics for better animal welfare and to avoid dehorning
  • Using the crossbreeding programmes ProCROSS and VikingGoldenCross to overcome poor fertility and secure a higher milk production.

Animal welfare, feed-efficiency and methane emission

Did you know that up to 88% of the variable costs on a farm relates to feed?

With our Saved Feed index, farmers can select bulls with a high feed efficiency score and progressively reduce their feed costs. They also get a lower methane emission complimenting the demands from consumers, governments and media.

Healthy cows live longer and require less treatment. When a farmer invests in data-driven, science-based genetics, he or she automatically supports animal welfare and a better climate — not to mention over-all bottom line of their own dairy or beef business.

Learn more about our solutions and approach by contacting our advisors today.

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