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Grazing cows calls for healthy, efficient genetics

Optimise the hoof health and feed intake of your grazing herd. Select the top bulls for better sustainability and longevity. Explore the breeding solutions available to you as a pasture-based farmer.

Resilient, long-lasting cows for grazing environments

How many months of the year do your dairy cows spend grazing outdoor? Are they equipped with strong feet and legs to walk between the barn and the field? How do they handle rough weather — and how is their feed intake?

Having cows out to pasture a certain amount of months per year is a common practice for organic and modern family farmers in the Scandinavia. The advantages of this type of farming include fresh air, daily exercise and better animal welfare.

But switching between the indoor barn and the outdoor fields make certain traits in your cows even more important: Hoof health. General health. Feed intake. Resilience. Medium-sized. You want your cows to live long and last long, making your dairy business profitable, sustainable and enjoyable.

VikingRed dairy cow standing on pasture

What cattle breeds are suitable for grazing?

At VikingGenetics, we've helped farmers breed for both health and performance for decades.

We have the most extensive data available to help you — thanks to the joined efforts of farmers, veterinarians, AI-technicians and scientific researchers around the world.

VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey have the lowest use of antibiotics combined with the highest lifetime production. Due to their Nordic genes, these medium-sized cows are masters at turning roughage and grass into a consistent high milk yield.

Our breeds are especially suitable for grazing environments because of their high index scores in:

  • Hoof health and general health
  • Feed intake / Saved feed
  • Milk solid production
  • Feet and legs
  • Fertility
  • Longevity
Three VikingJersey heifers on pasture

Breeding solutions for pasture-based dairy herds

What are you breeding goals for your dairy business?

In our total merit index, you'll find over 90 traits of economic importance. Select a bull with a high score to match your breeding goals. See the results in your herd.

Would you like to further certain attributes in your cows and achieve a higher breeding progress?

Look into genomic testing, sexed semen and Beef on Dairy to boost the profitability and efficiency of your herd.

How about cows with excellent fertility, hoof health and a high production of milk and solids?

Check out our crossbreeding solutions ProCROSS and VikingGoldenCross which are becoming increasingly popular for grazing herds around the world.

Why is Saved Feed important for grazing herds?

Did you know that up to 88% of the variable costs on your dairy farm relates to feed?

By using our Saved Feed index, you can select a bull with a high feed efficiency score and reduce your feed costs. You can also achieve a lower methane emission and climate impact per cow.

When you invest in healthy, feed-efficient genetics, it impacts the animal welfare and sustainability of your herd. It also has a positive effect on your bottom line in the years to come.

Would you like help with your breeding plan and bull selection?

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VikingHolstein cows grazing