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Modern family farming calls for trouble-free cows

Breed healthy, easy-going cows for your dairy business. Select the best bulls for better profit and long-term sustainability. Explore the breeding solutions available to you as a modern family farmer.

Long-lasting cows for modern family farming

How much time do you waste on problem cows? Not just monitoring and treating them, but worrying about their health, calling the vet, hoping that they will change or recover soon?

What if there was a way to breed healthy, trouble-free cows that would free up time for you to focus on the important stuff β€” your herd, family and the good farm life?

Family farming is not just a business β€”it's a way of life. But if you're like other modern family farmers, you also want time for other things. Not just endlessly hard work days missing out on precious family events, sleep and leisure.

This modern way of being a farmer calls for cows that are easy to manage and a pleasure to milk. Cows that live long and last long, generating a sustainable profit for you and your family in the years to come.

So how do you get cows like that?

What breeds are ideal for family dairy farming?

At VikingGenetics, we've helped family farmers for decades breeding healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows. We focus on health and production in all breeding programmes β€” and we have the most extensive data available to help you make optimal breeding decisions.

VikingHolstein, VikingJersey and VikingRed have some of the lowest use of antibiotics in the world combined with the highest lifetime production.

Because our breeds are healthy at core, you get fewer problem cows. More time to focus on managing your farm and taking care of your staff and family.

When selecting bulls from our breeds, you get high index scores in:

  • General health, hoof health and udder health
  • Milking speed and production
  • Temperament
  • Conformation
  • Fertility (including easy calvings)

Breeding solutions for modern dairy farmers

What type of cows are you looking to breed in your dairy herd?

In our Nordic Total Merit (NTM) index, you'll find over 90 traits of economic importance.

Select the bulls with a high score to match your breeding goals. Get better hoof health, udder health or temperament by choosing the right genetics. Looked out for polled bulls for better animal welfare.

Would you like a higher breeding progress focusing on the best cows in your herd?

Look into genomic testing, Beef on Dairy and sexed semen. These tools will help make your herd even more efficient, easy to manage and profitable.

Are you struggling with poor fertility or a low production of milk and solids?

Many modern family farmers are switching to crossbreeding. Check out our ProCROSS and VikingGoldenCross solutions. Calculate the difference this switch could make in your herd.

Feed costs, animal welfare and climate awareness

Did you know that 88% of the variable costs on your dairy farm relates to feed?

By using our Saved Feed index, you can select bulls with a high feed efficiency score and significantly reduce your feed costs.

Healthy cows live longer and have a better life at your farm. When you invest in the right bovine genetics, you automatically support animal welfare and a better climate β€” not to mention your own bottom line.

You get a healthier, more thriving herd with more enjoyment in life. You also get to leave a legacy behind for the next generation and be proud of your life's work.

Are you up for exploring your options for modern family farming?

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