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Quality lecturers to suit your needs

First-class speakers

We have a competent team of professionals specialized in different areas within the dairy and beef cattle breeding industry.

With broad experience and up-to-date knowledge, VikingGenetics’ specialized officers want to share our innovative know-how to empower you - or your audience.

By sharing our studies, research, trends, tools, expertise, and breeding philosophy, we want to contribute to forming a new generation of committed and successful farmers and agricultural professionals that can transform and innovate dairy and beef farming for a better world.


Our leading topics 

The key welfare factors of dairy cattle farming. What is the role of science in preventing diseases such as lameness or mastitis, and why polled cattle is a growing trend considered crucial for future farming?

Business management and how to put the records to work for you. By keeping track of your dairy cattle performance, you are able to increase genetic progress, animal welfare, and profit. 

Improve the health of your herd from hoofs to roofs. Hoof health has a considerable impact on the well-being of cows and the profitability of your dairy herd. Get to know more about genetic selection and key management practices to improve hoof health.

Crosses boost the bottom line of your dairy farm with no regrets. Superior fertility. Longer herd life. Higher lifetime production per cow. Get an insight into the reasons why progressive dairy farmers are switching to crosses.

Five advantages of using sexed semen in dairy cattle breeding. Learn how to calculate the benefits you can obtain by serving your dairy cattle with sexed semen

Get insider information on why beef on dairy is in demand. More genetic gain for dairy cows, higher value of beef output, and reduced greenhouse gases from beef: get it all with one clear strategy.

Breeding for reduced methane emissions – An environmental response from the dairy industry. Access to the latest advances for a reliable solution that tackles climate change challenges. Get more information about the vision into genetic modeling methane emissions of cattle.

Artificial intelligence, efficiency, and climate-friendly cows. Genetic parameters for a feed efficiency index using 3D cameras and qualified information.

What does it mean to be a family farmer today? Heroes or villains? Are there new pressures on farmers in the digital age? - How to win the appreciation of a more informed consumer.

Our speakers

Hanna Driscoll - Product Manager, VikingHolstein