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Your dairy business needs innovative breeding solutions

Find the best breeding strategy for your dairy business. Select the top bulls to boost the performance of your herd. Explore the sustainable ways of breeding healthy, efficient cows — long-term.

What breeding solutions suit your dairy business?

What type of business do you have? Are you into corporate farming or modern family farming? Organic cows or perhaps a more data-driven approach?

Regardless of your breeding strategy, you'll find innovative solutions to boost the health and performance of your herd.

At VikingGenetics, we've helped dairy farmers for decades breeding healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows. We have the most extensive data available to help you make optimal breeding decisions.

Our breeds and crossbreeds have some of the lowest use of antibiotics in the world combined with the highest lifetime production.

With the right bovine genetics solutions, you get fewer problem cows. More time to manage your farm, take care of your staff and family and generate a sustainable profit — long-term.

Are you ready to explore the solutions that will boost your dairy business?

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