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Reveal your herd’s
genetic potential

Make the most informed decisions for your herd with genomic testing.  Are you ready to design the most healthy, fertile, and efficient cows for the next generation?

Make more accurate breeding decisions with genomic testing

How are you making your breeding decisions today? Are they based on reliable data — or are you relying too much on feelings and estimates?

With genomic testing you can make the most informed decisions about the future of your herd. Accurate data is essential when it comes to breeding decisions and selection strategies.

Genomic testing is transforming the way dairy farmers make breeding and management decisions. By taking a DNA sample, genomic testing converts it into a comprehensive genomic evaluation for all profit driving traits:

  • Production and efficiency
  • Health and reproduction
  • Conformation

Reveal your herd’s genetic potential

Based on the genomic test results, you can estimate your herd’s genetic level and accurately define the best heifers and cows to use as replacements. That means fewer guesses and more accurate breeding and management decisions.

A genomic test of your females is an advanced tool to ensure that you focus on the right females as parents to the next generation and achieve higher genetic progress.

  • 40+ genetic traits evaluated
  • 50% higher reliability than with pedigree information
  • secure genetic progress
  • manage inbreeding and genetic conditions

Genomic testing has multiple long-term benefits - with updated results every month for three years. You can easily access and use the genomic test results in our online mating program, VikMate.

Assess your herd’s genetic level and use the results to pinpoint the areas to improve and make the detailed strategy for your herd.

Secure higher genetic progress

Genomic testing is a useful management tool to enhance profitability in your herd. Genomic test results can be used to categorise your female animals into different breeding strategies.

Combine genomic testing with intensive use of sexed and beef semen to maximise the benefits of genomic testing in your herd.

Using X-Vik sexed semen on heifers and cows with the highest genetic level will guarantee you the best possible replacement heifers and help you increase production, efficiency, and health status of your herd. The cows and heifers with the lowest genetic level can be inseminated with beef semen.

Work side by side with our advisors to develop your herd’s genetic strategy.

We will help you:

  • Interpret the test results
  • Identify the best sires to achieve your herd goals
  • Support you in making a complete mating plan
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Build a healthier, more efficient and profitable herd

With genomic testing of your females on the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) scale you take advantage of real-life data gathered from a wide range of sources (farmers, hoof trimmers, veterinarians, milk labs, A.I. technicians, classifiers, slaughterhouses etc.) and the newest technologies from our breeding program:

The genomic testing can be ordered for female animals:

  • Holstein
  • Jersey
  • Red Dairy Cattle

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