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It’s time for future-friendly farming

Sustainability is the future. The world needs your licence to produce. Our future-friendly breeding solutions help you achieve your business goals, farm sustainably and enjoy life.

It takes healthy cows to meet changing customer needs

The world has put dairy farmers and cows under the magnifying glass. How our food is produced has never been under so much scrutiny from governments, media and consumers. 

You are doing a difficult but an extremely important job - you help feed the world’s expanding population and protect natural resources while doing so.

The current sustainability agenda will mean increased demands from consumers, milk and meat processors, retailers, authorities and the world around you. As your genetics partner, we will help you meet these demands including new legislation and regulations.

It’s time to make future your friend

You no longer have to worry about meeting the growing pressures from the world around you. With future-friendly farming you can be certain that you have the licence to produce, as well as in the future.

What does future-friendly farming mean? 

To us, future-friendly farming is a combination of four elements:

Animal welfare: Every farmed animal deserves to be healthy. To sustain a high level of production, to get in calf and to last long in the herd, all cows need to be robust and healthy.

Efficient herd: The individual cow’s wellbeing is the key to breeding a high-performing and efficient dairy herd. Robust, efficient and trouble-free cows with high production of milk and solids help reduce the impact on the climate and increase efficiencies in dairy and beef farming.

Brighter future: A herd that performs optimally in terms of production, use of resources and environmental impact provides a solid foundation for your business. It gives you a more balanced lifestyle with more time for other things. Better economic prospects will make your daily efforts worthwhile and you can face the future with confidence.

Better world: Producing enough food to support the growing population, reduce the impact on the climate and fight antimicrobial resistance become possible, as long as you as a farmer have the licence to produce. It makes it possible for you to run a profitable business, enjoy the farming lifestyle and the work you do.

Sustainable dairy farming calls for joint efforts globally.

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Supporters of a sustainable world

At VikingGenetics, we care about natural, healthy animals and feel a responsibility towards sustainable dairy production with people, animals and the environment in focus.

With science-based genetics, we help farmers meet the increasing demands from milk and meat processors, retailers, authorities and consumers on how milk and meat is produced.

We turn big data into accurate and reliable breeding programmes. By choosing VikingGenetics as your genetics partner, you benefit from decades of research and our latest innovations:

  • Over 40 years of experience in direct selection for health traits:
    • Udder health index
    • General health index
  • Newest technologies from our breeding programmes:
  • Data and science-driven genetics, giving you the lowest use of antibiotics and hormones combined with the highest lifetime production and efficiency per cow.

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The world of tomorrow
needs your licence to produce
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