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At VikingGenetics, we turn big data into an accurate and reliable breeding programme. Our partnerships with universities, research organisations and experts across the globe gives the tools and technology needed to select the best bulls. 

The results we track in herds around the world are rooted in the long-term relationships with our farmers. We have a close link between research and implementation. Our passion is to lead the dairy and beef industry in finding solutions to lower methane emissions and breeding long-lasting, climate-friendly cows. 

  • As a co-operative, we are owned by 20,000 dairy and beef farmers in the Nordic countries. 
  • We record over 900,000 cows annually in our Nordic data system, the most complete total merit index in the world 
  • More than 90 percent of the cows are part of the health and milk data recording. 
  • Our Nordic data system gives 90 traits of economic importance to succeed in dairy and beef business. 

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Global Marketing Manager
Helle Lennø Weesgaard,
tel. +45 8795 9402