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Livestock that suits
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VikingGenetics UK collaborates with Best of Breed Livestock on livestock export. Together we are able to give you the best advice in the selection of cattle and semen. Genetics that will fit in your production.

Best of Breed Livestock

Best of Breed Livestock is the exclusive partner of VikingGenetics UK for cattle imports. The UK farmers can now benefit from a seamless supply of high-quality genetics - livestock and semen - and breeding advice.

Imports include both purebred and crossbred heifers for ProCROSS and VikingGoldenCross crossbreeding strategies. The livestock from Scandinavian countries is famed for their high health status. The long-term genetic focus in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland on breeding for health, fertility, and productivity has produced the most efficient and easily managed cattle in the world.

Give us a call or send an email for more information on heifers on sale:

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Red imported heifers on pasture with Owen Daley