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Owned by cattle breeders
in the Nordic countries

The owners of VikingGenetics – the cattle breeders in Sweden, Denmark and Finland – play an important role in the definition of the breeding goal in cooperation with the breeding management and researchers. 

VikingDanmark, Växa Sverige and Faba in Finland, meaning that app. 20,000 farmers are members, and own VikingGenetics. The secret behind the Nordic farmers’ success is their willingness to register all traits including health, and they have been doing it since the 80's.  No other country in the world has the same tradition as we have and therefore the Nordic health profile is unique.


VikingDanmark is an association owned by the Danish cattle breeders. Our primary goal is to help the cattle breeders optimising their herds and make a difference in their bottom lines.

One of our most important jobs is to deliver semen from bulls with high economic value to the cattle breeders. We have national artificial insemination and advisory services. This ensures the cattle breeders with healthy cows and maximum income. VikingDanmark offers strategic breeding and reproductive advisory to the individual herd in cooperation with the owner, employees, AI technician and breeding advisor.

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Faba cooperative offers a wide range of services to Finnish dairy and beef farmers. They are farmers' partners in cattle breeding, reproduction and health, and in the development of the animals' productivity.

Faba offers: 

  • breeding advice
  • health and reproduction advice
  • AI services and embryo transfers
  • sale and purchase of livestock
  • a wide range of useful agricultural equipment and supplies.

Faba is a premium service and sales company in livestock production. Staff's expertise and the high-quality products are the trademark of Faba in Finland and in international markets too.

Faba is the only supplier of Finnish livestock in the world. In the export market, demand is mainly for Finnish Ayrshire, VikingHolstein, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.

High-quality breeding material is guaranteed by the EU’s best epizootic situation and innovative breeding strategy to strengthen the health of highly productive dairy and beef cattle.

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Växa Sverige är landets största husdjursförening. Vi jobbar för en hållbar, lönsam och konkurrenskraftig lantbruksproduktion. Med vår rådgivning och service utvecklas din gård.

Växa Sverige ägs och arbetar för 6 382 medlemmar som också är kunder och vi har 242 förtroendevalda. Vi är landets största husdjursförening med 207 379 mjölkkor i Kokontrollen.

Vi är ett modernt rikstäckande rådgivnings- och serviceföretag och vänder oss främst till mjölk- och köttföretagare, men många av våra tjänster passar även lantbruksföretag med andra verksamhetsinriktningar. Vi finns från norra Sverige till Halland i väst, Småland och Blekinge i söder och Öland samt Gotland i öst.

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