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Feed efficient cows power Ellinglund Organic Farm in Denmark

Gert Glob Lassen and his wife Anne are passionate organic milk producers using ProCROSS cows.

Gert Glob Lassen took over Ellinglund Økologi (organic) farm in Silkeborg, Denmark, from his father in 2006. Gert and his wife Anne are passionate organic milk producers and have become a reference farm in Europe for efficiency and success with the three-way crossbreeding system, ProCROSS.

Healthy organic herd

Having a healthy, organic ProCROSS herd of 340 cows with average production of 10,389kg ECM (Energy Corrected Milk), “efficiency” is not just a word.

“The less your costs to get milk, the more competitive you can be,” he says.

The University of Minnesota has headed several research projects regarding the crossbreeding system ProCROSS, presented the results of a study into feed efficiency that showed that ProCROSS cows are inherently able to convert feed more efficiently into milk solids compared to pure Holstein cows.
Dairy farmers like Lassen already know this from everyday practice: ProCROSS cows are high performers when it comes to feed efficiency. 

The physical condition is a "plus"

The trial also demonstrated that ProCROSS cows are in a significantly better physical condition than pure Holsteins of the same body weight.

“The smaller frame sizes of ProCROSS cows combined with superior physical condition improves fertility and health which are other advantages of ProCROSS cows over Holstein,” says Professor Les Hansen, who headed the research studies in Minnesota. 

Lassen explains that the physical condition is also a “plus” in his organic herd: “Physical body condition means more muscle - not skinny cows - that also keeps them healthy, and they will achieve a better price when we send them for slaughter,” he says.   

With an annual average of 4.06% fat and 3.42% protein, Ellinglund is one of the best organic crossbreed herds with high performance and one of the most prestigious herds in Denmark. 


340 cows. Crossed between: VikingHolstein, VikingRed and Montbeliarde. Performance goal is 11,000 kg of milk ProCROSS cow.
Land and feed
Approx. 600 ha with grass, rye and oats, which are primarily used for feed.
Stable facilities
The cows are housed on sand beds. All animals are out to pasture in summer. Milked twice a day in a carousel.
Three full time Danish employees and seven part-time employees who work three full-time equivalent hours
Wife Anne, four children.

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