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12 May 2023 - People with Passion

“Seeing how my work benefits farmers is what drives me.”

Hanna Driscoll, Product Manager for VikingHolstein has had a passion for animals and farming all her life.

Growing up in a small countryside village outside Linköping, Sweden, Hanna dreamed of working with animals since she was 5 or 6 years old. At first, she wanted to become a veterinarian, but soon after she started college, she discovered a love for cows that would lead her to pursue a career in agronomy.

“I’ve always liked animals in general, I was a horse girl from the beginning. But after I met cows for the first time, they became my full-time love,” she reminisces.


Discovering her passion

After getting to know cows, working with them for the first time, and meeting agronomists along the way, Hanna became interested in cattle breeding. Recognizing this as a way to contribute toward making animals healthier, she was fully on board with becoming an agronomist.

“I discovered that I could improve cattle health through genetic development, instead of treating animals directly. Vets play an incredible role in making animals healthier, but by becoming a breeding advisor I found a way to directly improve the cows’ health through genetics,” she explains.

After learning about the positive impact she could have on the future of cows, Hanna's interest in cattle breeding became a passion. She had found a way to help animals and push for more future-friendly farming at the same time.

Hanna Driscoll VikingHolstein VikingGenetics

From Sweden to the world

Hanna began her career at Växa – Sweden’s largest cattle farming coop and one of the owners of VikingGenetics – where she worked as a breeding advisor and classifier. There, she learned about breeding on-farm, new technologies, trends, and everything related to cattle breeding and health.

After working with Swedish cattle breeding for almost five years, Hanna’s successes at Växa inspired her to think bigger. After getting a heads-up from a colleague who thought greatly of her skills – and knew of her love for Holstein cows – she joined VikingGenetics in 2021.

“I love cows in general, but I have always been particularly fond of Holsteins. If I had my own cows, they would be Holsteins,” she says, explaining how the opportunity to apply her knowledge on the breed she loves across the Nordics – and the world – is a dream come true.

Hanna also loves working with people from all over the world, as she can learn new things every day. “Working at VikingGenetics has helped me develop my skills and knowledge to grow as a professional. Meeting new people and learning new things is very exciting,” she adds.

Hanna Driscoll VikingHolstein VikingGenetics

Learning from farmers

Listening to farmers’ needs and concerns and converting that feedback into ideas for how VikingHolstein can improve in the future, motivates Hanna every day. “Seeing how my work benefits farmers, and the results of it, is what drives me,” she says with a smile.

“I always learn something new from farmers, they are very skilled and knowledgeable people. Listening to their needs and thoughts about the future, and how they want to develop their herds in the next 5-10 years, is very important to me,” she adds.

Hanna has many great memories from working with farmers, but one of her favourites is from her time working with flushing at Växa. Her work resulted in a prized sire for VikingGenetics, as well as heifers that continued the genetic development of Holsteins. “I loved it, I worked directly with the calves that would become great bulls or dams,” she explains.

Hanna Driscoll VikingHolstein VikingGenetics

Always striving to be better

Hanna is very proud of her work, especially because of the excellent standards of Nordic cattle breeding. “I’m proud that we are always striving for the next generation of genetics to be better, and to focus on providing better animal health and welfare,” she says with a twinkle in her eyes.

Outside of work, this Holstein expert spends time with her family, friends and, very fittingly, her dog Assar, whom she is training for hunting and tracking in the forest.

Hanna's passion for cows and dedication to improving their welfare, drive to grow, and innovative outlook, make her a valuable member of the VikingGenetics team.

Hanna Driscoll VikingHolstein VikingGenetics
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