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6 Jan 2020

VikingGenetics' values and aims

At VikingGenetics we continuously strive to be a global leading co-operative and the first to investigate and meet the needs of cattle, farmers and consumers through innovation, sustainable genetics, a focus on value creation and the optimal use of all resources

Every day we pioneer and innovate genetic solutions to tackle global food and climate challenges and improve the quality of life of dairy farmers, cows and consumers.

Responsible and dedicated team

We are a responsible and dedicated team working to find solutions for dairy farming challenges and to help farmers create a sustainable food supply for our planet. We are absolutely passionate about every step in the production chain, from caring for young bull calves to delivery of semen straws.

From the bull barn, to R&D, to breeding and sales, all our employees support our mission. The four key values that guide us in our everyday work and in everything we do as a company are Ambitious, Trustworthy, Customer-oriented, Committed. These values contribute to our success and growth and ensure that we can continue to do business tomorrow and support our customers in achieving their goals.


We never stop challenging ourselves to develop better solutions. We take pride in delivering the best possible quality in everything we do. We innovate and take responsibility in helping to meet rising demands for sustainable food production and tackling climate challenges through innovative genetic products and solutions.

We have put our heart and soul into creating and developing the world’s most comprehensive registration system for dairy cattle. This ensures that we always lead the way in our breeding programmes and that dairy farmers all round the world can benefit from the longest list of profit drivers for dairy farms.


Forward thinking, seeking out new ideas and being innovative ensure that we take charge of the present and actively prepare for the future. In close cooperation with universities, research organisations and leading experts, we continuously develop our products and solutions to meet the demands of a modern dairy business. By being open to new opportunities we are able to develop innovative solutions to address farming challenges and do things that others say cannot be done or are not prepared to try.

For decades, the rest of the world has focused intensively on high yields and conformation while the Nordic countries balanced their focus on improving health and production. Today we have the highest genetic level in health, the lowest use of antibiotics and are number one when it comes to production, thanks to a long tradition of breeding for health. Our long-standing focus on developing new traits assures our success and pioneering position. We firmly believe that we are doing the right thing and making continuous advances for the benefit of dairy farmers.

Claus Langdahl,
Senior Breeding Manager, VikingHolstein

We have a comprehensive breeding programme in which everything we do is based on calculations, simulations and optimisation. This scientific approach to designing our breeding programme is, as far as I am aware, unique.

Lars Peter Sørensen,
Genetic Development Manager


VikingGenetics is owned by the world’s leading cattle breeders – 20,000 beef and dairy farmers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Our primary goal is to make a difference for dairy farmers. We strive to make their working day better and more efficient, by improving their quality of life and supporting them in achieving their business goals.

At VikingGenetics, we value open and honest communication internally, with our partners and with everyone else. For us as a company, it is important to be seen as trustworthy and reliable.

We always do what we say, we present the facts and are open about what is good and what is bad. It is essential for us to know that our customers and partners can trust us. We protect our reputation and image in the eyes of our customers and the world outside.

Normally companies look for the top bull – and that’s it. But at VikingGenetics they also want to ensure farmers and their cattle are healthy and happy and that consumers can be sure the dairy products are safe and environmentally sustainable. We liken these four factors to the legs of a table that ensure the table itself is extremely stable and reliable. That’s what I really like about VikingGenetics.

Claudio Mariani,
Genesi Project SRL, VikingGenetics distributor in Italy

We are farmer owned. Our cooperative roots mean that we work hand in hand with dairy farmers and researchers to create and develop our breeding goal to support a sustainable future for the dairy industry. Our NTM, the Nordic Total Merit index, is based on scientific results and a huge amount of data, all collated in the same cattle database. This provides dairy farmers with an excellent and reliable tool to support their business and enable its success today and in the future. We know NTM works in real life.

Morten Hollensen,
Breeding Specialist


While all our operations are based on science, we are also very service-driven when it comes to our customers and business partners. We aspire to create great solutions for our customers and want to support our customers in the best way possible when applying these solutions to improve their business. 


With customer needs and expectations in focus we are pushing the boundaries to discover new paths to success and growth for our customers. We are committed to the goal of sustainable breeding. Via our continuing work, we aim to contribute to making everyday life better for dairy farmers. For us, sustainability is multifaceted; sustainable food production, sustainable higher profits and quality of life for farmers, sustainable animal welfare, and the enduring viability of the dairy industry as a whole. 

Dedicated and talented people work closely with each other in the different parts of our company to research, create, produce, manage and market tools and solutions in line with what dairy farmers are entitled to expect from a professional, responsible, sustainable and innovative company.

Pia Maach-Moller,
Chief HR Officer

Dairy farmers are facing various threats in today´s world, and we are committed not only to offering them optimal solutions to meet those challenges, but also to inform society, consumers and other sectors in general, about the importance of dairy farmers and the tremendous contribution they make every day towards a more sustainable world.

Johanna Vuori,
Digital Marketer


At VikingGenetics, we are a responsible and dedicated team. No matter what particular job each of us does, we are all guided by the same high quality standards in our work. We take responsibility and always strive to ensure that tasks are solved in the best way possible. Passion and pride in what we do and how we do it are the cornerstones of our work. 

When our customers choose the genetics to use in their herd, they are taking a very important decision that has long-term consequences for the profitability of their business. As a provider of genetic products and solutions we are committed not only to providing the best product and services, but also to guide our customers in making the optimal choice for the future of their diary business.

Our commitment is driven by understanding and supporting superior breeding goals and strategies, being successful in breeding international top bulls and not least getting feedback from international cattle breeders who have enjoyed success with genetics from VikingGenetics.

Peter Larson,
Senior Breeding Manager, VikingJersey

In our lab, we have strict and well-defined quality control procedures that we perform for each batch of straws. We work continuously on optimising procedures to improve our performance. With such a conscientious approach to our work, we can deliver superior quality products and make a difference for our customers.

Emma Lyscarz Sørensen,
Lab technician