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ProCROSS development in a year – An update on Martin Mühlinghaus

“I've never had so few problems with calving,” Martin Mühlinghaus proudly tells us and is very enthusiastic about his ProCROSS animals.

Martin Mühlinghaus was one of the main actors of our ProCROSS series in Germany in 2020, and after nearly a year, we were curious about how he has developed.

At a farm visit in February, we met a very enthusiastic farmer, who is still in love with his cows and is overly happy about their development.

“I have never had as few problems with calvings ever!”, he proudly tells us while walking through his barn. He points at his milking robot and laughs: “See, it’s always the ProCROSS cows milking when I look over there, they are always busy producing, isn’t this great?”

His latest positive impression is about the value of bull calves: “Finally, my bull calves are not just an unwanted byproduct, but I am getting good money for them, which wasn’t the case with the previous breed. My dealer adores them and is always happily buying them”, he says.

Animal welfare always in focus

Mühlinghaus makes it clear, that it is absolutely natural for him and a question of ethics to treat all his animals equally well, regardless of whether they are bull or heifer calves. His calves are fit and do not need as many treatments, which creates another financial benefit for his farm.

We walked through the heifer barn and noticed many overly curious cows coming towards us. The proud farmer laughs and tells us: “Our trainee is annoyed of them sometimes because they are always so affectionate and try climbing into your pocket. They always want to be with you and are just so friendly and funny!”

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