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Higher solids and improved fertility

The VikingRed is the ideal cross for the grazing system

Richard Kennerley farms with his wife Pam in Cheshire, UK. They run 330 cows plus followers on a grazing platform. They are averaging 6,700 kg at 4.8% fat and 3.8% protein.

They originally crossed their Holstein Friesians with LIC Genetics but found they were loosing too much milk. A decision was made to cross with Norwegian Red but found the cows were too heavy when crossed with a Friesian.

The VikingRed is the ideal cross for their system as they are benefiting from more solids and better udders. The fertility of the VikingReds is fantastic and this year, using sexed semen the herd finished with a 3% empty rate which meant there were surplus cattle to sell as they didn’t need them. 

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