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5 Feb 2021

Henrik Biilmann leaves VikingGenetics

As the character of the CEO job in VikingGenetics has changed significantly, compared to the prerequisites given when assigned to the job, Henrik Biilmann and the Board of VikingGenetics have concluded, to end the cooperation.

Henrik will therefore have his last day in VikingGenetics on the 26’th. of February 2021. Until that date he will continue to perform his tasks as CEO.

Lars-Inge Gunnarsson (Chairman of the VikingGenetics Board) states:

“The Board of VikingGenetics regrets that we now see Henrik leaving the company. Despite many challenges across 2020, we have been impressed by the results he has created in the time he has been our CEO.

It is also our impression that Henrik has been highly respected for his competences and leadership among the employees, external partners, owners, and other stakeholders of VikingGenetics.

We wish Henrik the best of luck in the future”.

Henrik Biilmann states:

“I have been happy to have had the opportunity to get to know VikingGenetics and not the least its dedicated employees and elected people. I was received very well and really felt welcomed in the company when I started.

I am proud of the results we have achieved, despite the challenges we have been facing in 2020. I am therefore also sad, to have concluded, that my time with VikingGenetics will be much shorter than expected when I started 1’st. of February 2020.

I thank the board for the cooperation and wish VikingGenetics all the best in the future”.

Until a permanent solution is in place, the Board has decided to engage with Niels Bo as an interim CEO.

Niels is a former CEO of VikingGenetics and therefore knows the business and some of the employees in VikingGenetics already.

He will primarily solve the administrative part of the CEO tasks and act as the link to the Board of VikingGenetics (e.g., preparation, execution and follow-up on Board and Council of Representatives meetings), while the Management Team in VikingGenetics will take care of the day-to-day management of the company.

For more information, please contact:

Lars-Inge Gunnarsson, Tel.: +46 70 970 98 28

Henrik Biilmann, Tel.: +45 23 83 87 88

Niels Bo, Tel.: + 45 40 18 16 88