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4 May 2021

NewVikings VikingHolstein May 2021

VH Ascari

gNTM +31

VH Alberta x VH Pogba P x Style P

Are you struggling with hoof health issues in your herd? Would you like higher production without compromising on health and fertility traits?

Then VH Ascari is the solution for you.

VH Ascari is the ideal combination of high production with good volume and solids. His overall production index is 123, with Milk at 113, Fat at 122 and Protein at 121. The development in production during the lactation is good with a Persistency index at 109.

VH Ascari gives a strong natural health profile with excellent Hoof Health (117) and General Health (108). Reproduction traits are strong with Calving ability at 109 and Female fertility at 108.

You'll find the conformation appealing on the VH Ascari daughters. They have a nicely balanced frame with a lot of strength, strong legs that are even a bit cycled, and strongly attached udders with correct teat size and placement.

VH Ascari will ensure:

  • High production with good volume and solids
  • Excellent hoof health and general health
  • Nicely balanced daughters with strongly attached udders

His sire, VH Alberta, is a Canadian-born Adorable son from the Stanton’s farm. His dam is an excellent VH Pogba P daughter with a yearly average production at 12,400 kg milk, 3.86 in fat% and 3.55 in protein%. She is classified VG85 with 87 in udder.

Her dam is a Style P daughter with 15,650 in yearly average production and classified 84 in total with 88 in udder.

VH Ascari is born at the herd of Søren Ernst Madsen in Tirsvad, Denmark.

X-VIK semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

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VH DryPRed

gNTM +32

Dream PRC x VH Dent RC x VH Mozart


Is your breeding strategy to get high lifetime production from better solids? Do you prefer Holstein cows with strong functionality and good calving ease?

Then the polled Red Holstein VH DryPRed is a great choice for you.

VH DryPRed will give you cows with a high daily profit and high lifetime production. He breeds long living cows (111) that are hard working with a steady production primarily coming from high solids.

VH DryPRed has an overall production index at 127 with 104 in Milk, 121 in Fat and 125 in Protein – including an outstanding progress in the protein percent with index 129. He breeds strong persistency in the production during lactation (113).

With VH DryPRed, you get a high production without compromising on the natural health and fertility. Your cows will have a good balance in the conformation – good body strength, strong feet and legs and well-attached udders.

Please note that VH DryPRed is a heterozygotic polled Red Holstein bull.

VH DryPRed gives you:

  • High life-time production from high solids
  • Natural health and fertility
  • Balanced conformation and 50% polled offspring

When looking at the dam of VH DryPRed, it's easy to detect where the high solids originate from.

The VH Dent RC daughter has an average production of 11,400 kg milk with 4.46 in fat% and 4.00 in protein%. She is classified 83 in total.

Her dam is a VH Mozart (D Mason x D Estrup) daughter — still a strong producer and so far with a yearly average of 11,900 kg milk.

VH DryPRed is born at the herd of Per Skarregaard in Ringkøbing, Denmark.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A1/A2     Kappa casein: BB

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VH Harry P

gNTM +30

Hotspot P x EV Jetset x Platinum

Is your breeding strategy to get medium-sized Holstein cows with a high production of solids? Do you have issues with hoof health in your herd? Then VH Harry P is a great start for you.

VH Harry P daughters will create a lot of value in your herd. You'll get long living cows (114) with a high production from average milk volume (98) and high solids with fat% index 123 and protein% index 126.

The VH Harry P daughter will be medium-sized (stature 101) with strong feet and legs and udders in good balance. He'll breed profitable cows due to an attractive index for Saved feed.

VH Harry P gives you naturally healthy cows with strong reproduction and health hoof with index 110.You'll get daughters that are easy to manage with good Milking speed at 107.

Please note that VH Harry P is a heterozygotic polled bull.

VH Harry P will give you:

  • High life-production from high solids
  • Medium-sized cows
  • Natural health with strong hoof health

VH Harry P originates from the international selection program in the VikingHolstein breeding scheme. He's born in Germany and his dam is a EV Jetset (Doorman x Ermes). Her dam is a Dutch born Platinum daughter.

X-VIK sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A1/A2     Kappa casein: BB

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