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10 Aug 2021

NewVikings VikingJersey August 2021

VJ Luxury

gNTM +28

VJ Luxi x VJ Bonne x VJ Hazard


If sustainability and profitability is a priority, you definitely need to include VJ Luxury in your breeding programme. VJ Luxury is among the highest ranking of the VikingJersey bulls with a clear sustainability and profitability profile.

You can expect the daughters of VJ Luxury to produce very high levels of milk and milk solids (121 protein and 119 fat). Your VJ Luxury daughters will also be very healthy and long living.

But not least, VJ Luxury breeds medium-sized daughters with high feed efficiency (Saved feed).

In terms of conformation, VJ Luxury daughters are expected to be angular with good parallel legs, well-attached udders and ideal teats and teat placement.

With VJ Luxury, you get cows with:

  • Very high milk solid production
  • Exceptional health
  • Well attached udders and ideal teats
  • Good Feed efficiency and profitability

VJ Luxury is the first son of VJ Luxi and the first maternal grandson of VJ Bonne to be marketed by VikingGenetics.

The dam of VJ Luxury is “Gl. Krogaard Bonne Mette VG85” from the Gl. Krogaard Jersey herd in Ullerslev, Denmark. The dam has just ended her first 305-day lactation with 7,548 kg milk with 5.83% fat and 4.33% protein.

VJ Luxury is an ideal sire to boost the sustainability and profitability of your herd and is well-suited for pasture-based dairy farming. VJ Luxury will be an outcross to nearly all pedigrees worldwide. 

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,       JNS Free

(Pictured VJ Luxi, the sire of VJ Luxury)

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VJ Luxi

VJ Hauga

gNTM +23

VJ Hays x VJ James x VJ Libero


If you focus on health and sustainability in your breeding program, you definitely need to take a close look at VJ Hauga. 

VJ Hauga is a high-ranking VikingJersey sire breeding very healthy (both Udder health, General health and Hoof health), long-living and fertile daughters.

You can expect the daughters of VJ Hauga to be medium-sized and angular with very good and strong parallel legs. Udders will be exceptional (121) - extremely shallow and well attached with ideal teat size and teat placement. You will love to work with udders like this.

With VJ Hauga, you get cows that are:

  • Very fertile
  • Very healthy
  • Equipped with exceptional udders
  • Easy to work with

The dam of VJ Hauga, “Nr. Haugaard James Doiholt” has just ended her first 305-day lactation with 6,513 kg milk with 6.89% fat and 4.48% protein.

The breeder is Nr. Haugaard Jerseys in Hjorring Denmark. The same herd has bred bulls like VJ Nibiru and VJ Bernal out of other cow families during the last couple of years.

VJ Hauga is the first son of VJ Hays (VJ Haare son) in the VikingJersey breeding program. VJ Hauga will be a top health and sustainability bull to combine with all pedigrees, as he is a true outcross to all other pedigrees.

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,     JNS Free

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VJ Hauga

VJ Winner

gNTM +28

VJ Wilder x VJ Hitman x VJ Huzar


Are you looking for a bull breeding high protein percentage, good fertility, udder health and workability? Then you might find VJ Winner of interest.

VJ Winner has a strong profitability profile with a high production of milk solids, exceptional percentages and Udder health, good fertility, longevity and well-attached udders.

You can expect the VJ Winner daughters to be a little taller than average with wide chests and a good frame. Udders are very well-attached. Especially the Fore udders (122) and the Udder depth (129) needs to be emphasized. The teat size is ideal with teats being thicker and a bit longer than average.

Expect your daughters of VJ Winner to have:

  • Very high protein percentage (118)
  • Great udder health (121)
  • Well attached fore udders (122)
  • Very shallow udders (129)

VJ Winner is the first son of VJ Wilder (VJ Willem x VJ Libero) to be marketed by VikingGenetics. VJ Winner will be a total outcross bull.

The dam of VJ Winner is “Gl. Krogaard Hitman Maria” from the Gl. Krogaard Jersey herd in Ullerslev, Denmark.

The dam has just ended her first 305-day lactation with 6,852 kg milk with 6.67 % fat and 4.90 % protein. It's obvious that the high protein percentage of VJ Winner is inherited from his dam and maternal line.

VJ Winner is an ideal sire to boost the profitability of your herd.

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,    JNS Free     

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VJ Winner

Join Peter Larson in the bull barn!

Meet the new top VikingJersey bulls! Join Senior Breeding Manager Peter Larson for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark. He presents the NewVikings from VikingJersey.