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2 Nov 2021

NewVikings VikingRed November 2021

VR Upway

gNTM +34

(VR Usva x VR Viljar x VR Faber)


Are you looking for a bull to improve udders and solids production? Then VR Upway is an ideal choice for you.

VR Upway daughters have good Udder conformation at the highest level and have high fat and protein percentages.

Health is a strength for VR Upway. Especially Udder health, Hoof health and Longevity stand out very positively. With a taller stature, he is very suitable to be used in the ProCROSS concept.

You can expect VR Upway daughters to be:

  • Naturally healthy
  • Producing milk with high fat and protein
  • Fitted with shallow and well-attached udders

The dam of the bull has been in the VikingGenetics embryo programme. She has been valuable for the VikingRed breeding programme, and she has given three sires: VR Upway, VR Udo and VR Luzifer to the breeding programme.

Breeder: Mty Anttila Kyösti, Katri and Anne, Finland.

Beta Casein: A1/A2      Kappa Casein: AE

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VR Upway

VR Uppura

gNTM +30

(VR Usva x VR Figarol x VR Vimpula)

 Is your aim to find a bull that will increase production? Then look at VR Uppura. With an exceptional level of solids production, he can contribute to the breeding in your herd.

By transmitting high fat and protein percentages, combined with a positive milk volume, you can expect high-quality output from his daughters. The udders are well-attached and shallow. The daughters are expected to have good longevity in the herd.

Your daughters of VR Uppura will have:

  • High production
  • Shallow and well-attached udders
  • Increased longevity

VR Uppura dam is at the end of her first lactation and is a good-looking cow with a VG-88 classification.

His grand dam is milking in the breeder’s herd and has recently ended the third lactation with a 305-day production of 12,887 kg milk with 1,026 kg of fat and protein.

Breeder: Veikko and Mikko Pudas, Finland  

Beta Casein: A2/A2      Kappa Casein: AA

VR Uppura has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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VR Uppura

VR Venus

gNTM +33

(VR Vimo x VR Freeze x VR Felipe)

 Are you looking for a sire that can provide excellent udders, larger frames and exceptional fat and protein percentages? VR Venus is what you are looking for.

VR Venus is on the top for fat and protein percentages. There aren't many bulls that can perform better than VR Venus in those traits. The daughters will have shallow udders and larger frames.

In addition, VR Venus has a complete health profile, where especially Hoof health is outstanding.

What you can expect from VR Upway daughters:

  • Balanced package of health and production
  • Shallow udders and larger frames
  • Have high fat and protein percentages

VR Venus dam has ended her first lactation with impressive milk solids of 4.21% protein and 5.61% fat. She is classified VG-85, and with 150 cm stature, she is somewhat taller than average.

The dam has been one of the highest ranking genomically tested heifers in the VikingGenetics embryo programme. She's been flushed several times, and VR Venus was born of one of the embryos. Several of her daughters have been purchased for the VikingRed breeding programme too.

Breeder: Peter Hoffman, Denmark

Beta Casein: A2/A2      Kappa Casein: AB

VR Venus has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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VR Venus

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