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11 Aug 2021

Top VikingGenetics' Sires August 2021


VH Bleech

gNTM +40 genomic

Builder P x All Star x Battlecry

Do you want high producing Holstein cows that stay healthy? Then the new proof leader among VikingHolstein bulls VH Bleech will be a true value creator in your herd.

VH Bleech shows an impressive NTM level with +40. Looking at his profile, it's obvious that this bull is extraordinary.

He breeds a high production level with an overall production index at 132. This is due to high solids with fat% index 127 and fat% index 130 resulting in a lot of kgs. Additionally, his persistency in production over lactation is good with index 114.

VH Bleech's natural health profile is supported by strong Udder health (116), good General health (111) and Hoof health (114). Lifetime production for his daughters will be high because of a good Longevity at 113.

Your daughters from VH Bleech will be bigger than the average VikingHolstein cow but are nicely balanced with lots of strength. Udders are functional with strong ligament and good udder dept.

VH Bleech will ensure you:

  • A high lifetime production and daily profit per cow
  • Natural health with strong udder- and hoof health
  • Cows with good strength and functional conformation

VH Bleech is from VikingGenetics' international selection program and is born at the herd of Fritz Giesmann in Westerstede, Germany.

His dam is an All Star (Penley) daughter, and she is a full sister to the bull VH Attack (NTM +19) from the same Battlecry dam.

X-Vik semen is available.

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: BB

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VH Bleech

VH Brixton

NTM +30 proven

Balisto x VH Mandel x S Ross

Do you want to use highly reliable daughter-proven bulls in your herd? Do you prefer healthy Holstein cows with high solids and strong feet, legs and udders? Then the new proof leader among daughter proven bulls VH Brixton is a great choice for you.

VH Brixton is the kind of bull that just continues to do better and better the more information we get from his daughters.

5,500 daughters confirm that VH Brixton breeds cows with high solids and natural healthy cows. The Fat% index is at 124, Protein% index at 132 and health traits are high with Udder health (111), General health (111) and Hoof health (105).

Reproduction is excellent with female fertility (105) and calving ease (109).

More than 2,300 of VH Brixton's daughters are classified. They are medium-sized cows with strong feet and legs (120) and long-lasting udders (120) with good dept and attachment. Cows that mature very well over lactations.

VH Brixton will give you;

  • Natural health and excellent female fertility
  • Functional cows with high solids
  • Cows that mature well over lactations

VH Brixton is from a strong family where the dam VH Mandel is producing close to 10,000 kg milk in average with 4.86 % fat and 3.77 % protein.

She's in her third lactation classified VG86 and VG89 in udder. Her dam is a S Ross cow with a lifetime production of 70,000 kg milk who is classified 83.

VH Brixton is bred at the herd of Flemming Petersen in Ribe, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: AB

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VH Brixton

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VR Vesty

gNTM +41 genomic

VR Vimo x VR Froberg x VR Crone

If your main breeding goal is high production combined with good udders and udder health, then VR Vesty will be a bull that can make great improvements in your herd.

VR Vesty gives a superior production (131) with higher fat and protein percent in the milk and at the same time an increase in kg of milk.

This profile is combined with good udder health (109) and udder confirmation (115). His daughter will also be good in maternal calving, hoof health, longevity and milking speed.

The daughters after VR Vesty will have:

  • A large frame
  • Parallel rear legs
  • Super back udders

When the breeder to VR Vesty started to test all the heifers in the herd, they found two great heifers that got flush contracts from VikingGenetics.

One of them was the grand dam to VR Vesty. She was flushed twice and it resulted in the dam to VR Vesty and the bull VR Wild. The dam to VR Vesty was also flushed twice which gave VR Vesty and three of the heifers got flush contracts from VikingGenetics.

The great grand dam has also sold a bull to VikingGenetics.

The dam is milking in second lactation and have in average of 1.60 year given 1.094 kg dry matter with 13,248 kg milk and is in first lactation classified 92-84-84-88. The grand dam is in her third lactation. In second lactation of 305 days, she gave 947 kg dry matter with 3.74 in protein% and 4.86 in fat%. At the same time, she was classified 90-81-91-90.    

The breeder is Nita and Jakob Gade, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

VR Vesty has X-Vik sexed semen available.

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VR Vesty

VR Froerup

NTM +35 proven

VR Faber x R Fanfare x R Gazelle

Are your main breeding goals great Production together with high natural health in your herd? Then VR Froerup is just the bull for your cows.

You get a great combination of good Production (124) with many kg milk together with super Udder health (118), General health (112) and Hoof health (114).

VR Froerup's daughters have:

  • An impressive persistency
  • Great milking speed
  • Good growth
  • Longevity

VR Froerup's daughters will have a big frame with body depth and chest width together with a step foot angle, super fore udder attachment and udder depth. The easy calving’s make it possible to use VR Froerup on heifers. VR Froerup gives you daughters that are naturally healthy and trouble free.

The dam of VR Froerup is still milking and have an impressive NTM on +29. She's today in her sixth lactation. In average over 5.90 years, she's given 11,892 kg milk with 3.58% protein and 4,90% fat. In her third lactation, she was classified 86-81-82-84.

The granddam got sick after her third calf and was only milking just over two years. But the great granddam was in production for over six years so a good longevity runs in the family.       

The breeder is Ole Nielsen, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A1    Kappa Casein: AA

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VR Froerup

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VJ Luxury

gNTM +28 genomic

VJ Luxi x VJ Bonne x VJ Hazard

If sustainability and profitability is a priority, you definitely need to include VJ Luxury in your breeding program. VJ Luxury is among the highest ranking VikingJersey bulls with a clear sustainability and profitability profile.

You can expect the daughters of VJ Luxury to produce very high levels of milk and milk solids (121 protein and 119 fat). Your VJ Luxury daughters will also be very healthy and long living. VJ Luxury breeds medium-sized daughters with high feed efficiency (Saved feed).

In terms of conformation, VJ Luxury daughters are expected to be angular with good parallel legs, well-attached udders and ideal teats and teat placement.

With VJ Luxury, you get cows with:

  • Very high milk solid production
  • Exceptional health
  • Well attached udders and ideal teats
  • Good Feed efficiency and profitability

VJ Luxury is the first son of VJ Luxi and the first maternal grandson of VJ Bonne to be marketed by VikingGenetics.

The dam of VJ Luxury is “Gl. Krogaard Bonne Mette VG85” from the Gl. Krogaard Jersey herd in Ullerslev, Denmark. The dam has just ended her first 305-day lactation with 7,548 kg milk with 5.83% fat and 4.33% protein.

VJ Luxury is an ideal bull to boost the sustainability and profitability of your herd and well-suited for pasture-based dairy farming. VJ Luxury will be an outcross to nearly all pedigrees worldwide. 

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,       JNS Free


(Image of VJ Luxi, the sire of VJ Luxury)

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VJ Luxi

VJ Gutz                                                         

NTM +22 proven

VJ Gislev x VJ Lutz x DJ Hulk                       

If daughter-proven is essential to you, then have a look at the new top daughter-proven VikingJersey proof leader, VJ Gutz.

VJ Gutz is amongst the absolute elite when it comes to production and kilos of solids (122 Protein and 126 Fat) based on 400 milking daughters. Fertility, Saved feed, Longevity, Hoof health, Workability and functional type are also amongst the VJ Gutz trademarks.

The 140 classified daughters document that VJ Gutz breeds nice medium size open-ribbed daughters with very strong parallel legs. Udders are expected to be very well attached and shallow.

 Rear udders are high and wide, ligament is strong and teat placement is good — long-lasting udders you will love to work with. 

With VJ Gutz, you'll get cows with:

  • High production of milk solids
  • Good Fertility and Longevity
  • Feed efficiency (Saved feed)
  • Shallow and well-attached udders, easy to work with

VJ Gutz ranks #2 among daughter proven Jersey bulls in USA (156 JPI and exceptional high fertility indices) and he has outranked his sire, VJ Gislev (JPI 127).

The dam of VJ Gutz, “Kjoelby Lutz Lucinda”, has just ended her fourth 305 day lactation with 8,396 kg of milk, 5.79% and 486 kg fat, 4.06% and 341 kg og protein.

The breeder is Jørgen Kjoelby, Hjorring, Denmark.

VJ Gutz will boost the profitability and sustainability of you herd. He will be an outcross to all pedigrees, except from the ones with VJ Gislev/VJ Hihl genetics.

Cappa Casein: BB         Beta Casein: A2A2                     JH1 Free             JNS Free            aAa: 516342

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VJ Gutz

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