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11 Aug 2022 - August Proofs

Top Sires

VJ Leblanc

gNTM +24 genomic

(VJ Lemon x VJ Bonne x VJ Hoj)


If sustainability plays a part in your breeding programme, look at the new VikingJersey top bull VJ Leblanc. He breeds healthy, efficient and long-living cows with high milk solids production. 

VJ Leblanc will improve udder health, feed efficiency, fertility and longevity and milk solids production. 

Daughters of VJ Leblanc will be of average stature, with nice parallel legs and shallow, well-attached udders. Workability traits are good, and daughters will be easy to milk and work with. 

With VJ Leblanc, you get cows with:

  • High production of fat and protein
  • Good feed efficiency
  • Udder health
  • Shallow and well-attached udders
  • Sustainability

The dam of VJ Leblanc is “Oestergaard Bonne Bella” bred in the Oestergaard Jersey herd, in Andst, Denmark. She has been flushed in the VikingGenetics embryo programme, resulting in two bulls so far, VJ Rigo and VJ Leblanc. In her first 305 days, Bella has milked 7,550 kg of milk with 6.29 % fat and 4.48 % protein

Kappa Casein: AB       Beta Casein: A2A2         JH1 Free        JNS Free         Triple aAa: 426

Bull profile
VJ Leblanc Best VikingJersey Bull

VJ Hamlet

NTM +20 proven

(VJ Huus x VJ Hickey x DJ Zuma)


If you want improvements on all vital traits, you definitely have to check out the daughter-proven breed leader VJ Hamlet. He has a leading international sustainability profile.

VJ Hamlet is an improver of all health traits - fertility, longevity and feed efficiency. Also, he breeds high milk solids production and high protein percentages. 

Daughters of VJ Hamlet are medium-sized, with strong and steep foot angles, well-attached and shallow udders, and excellent teat size and placement. 

With VJ Hamlet, you get cows with:

  • Sustainability 
  • High production of milk solids
  • Excellent fertility
  • Excellent health
  • Good udders

VJ Hamlet is bred in Denmark by the Ravningaard Jersey herd. The dam “Ravninggaard Huus Bente” ended her third 305-day lactation with 10,100 kg milk with 6.36 % fat and 4.43 % protein. No doubt that some of the production in VJ Hamlet comes from his high-producing dam. 

VJ Hamlet's daughters are lovely cows, easy to work with - sustainable and invisible cows you will hardly notice. 

Kappa Casein: BB Beta Casein: A2A2 JH1 Free JNS Free aAa: 165234


In the picture: VJ Hamlet daughter

Bull profile
VJ Hamlet daughter Top VikingJersey Bull

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