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26 Jan 2017 - Skara, Sweden

VikingGenetics expands its business in the UK

VikingGenetics is excited to announce the launch of their new subsidiary company in The
United Kingdom. VikingGenetics UK will take over the operations of its former distributor
ABA Viking.

As from January 2017, the company has been operating in the UK Market under the new
business concept. VikingGenetics UK is the second subsidiary operation for the Nordic
company, with the first being founded in Australia back in 2010.

“Dairy farmers in the UK have already seen the benefits of VikingGenetics breeding
solutions, so VikingGenetics´ expansion decision was the next natural step for us” states Sara
Wiklert Petersson, Head of Sales at VikingGenetics.

The Nordic company has an outstanding position with its three dairy breeds - VikingHolstein,
VikingJersey, and VikingRed in the UK market. VikingGenetics bulls dominate the Profitable
Lifetime Index (£PLI) as its last release in December 2016 shows.

VikingRed is leading the ranking on the Top International Red Bulls on £PLI, with VR Gobel
being number One. VikingGenetics has seven out of the top 10 Ayrshire bulls on this

At the same time, the Jersey bulls we supply to the UK Market are favorite among the
dairymen. VJ Tester leads the list of Top UK Proven Jersey Bulls Ranked on £PLI where
eight out of 15 bulls are from Viking. Besides, VJ Hickey is number one on the Top
International Jersey Bulls Ranked on £PLI, and eight of the first 10 are from VikingGenetics.

“We have a strong position with our Jersey population, but we are much more than that, and
now we want to put more effort in offering the whole VikingGenetics package”, Sara Wiklert
Petersson explains.

international recognition for being a pioneer

The company has international recognition for being a pioneer in breeding for healthy and
profitable cows. A unique trait such as Hoof Health is generated from the collection of data
made by hoof trimmers in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The results are entered into an extensive registration system, and is done for 95% of the cow population in these countries. 

Hoof trimmers report for seven different hoof diseases, and Digital Dermatitis is one of them.
“Digital Dermatitis is a painful disease that not only makes cows suffer, but causes a loss of
production, and a negative impact on fertility.

The Hoof Health Index is one of the unique traits a farmer can select to reduce incidences of Hoof diseases” Head of Sales illustrates. Furthermore, VikingGenetics´ unique Udder Health Index, which is based on extensive veterinarian registrations of clinical mastitis, gives the dairymen tools to improve Mastitis

The breeding program of the company strives for efficiency, for example, the General Health
Index describes the bulls’ daughters’ ability to resist metabolic, reproductive, and feet-andleg-diseases. The company keeps a balance between production and health on its breeding program, helping dairyman maximize the profitability of their herds.


The ProCROSS concept is the only proven crossbreeding system in the world, and is an important piece of VikingGenetics´ offer to the UK market. The combination of VikingRed, VikingHolstein and Montbéliarde has proven to be the most successful cross. The three breeds combine and complement each other very well.

VikingGenetics consider the UK market a very high priority in order to keep expanding the
ProCROSS program. 

Three efficient breeds at VikingGenetics

VikingJersey: VikingJerseys are highly effective cows when transforming feed into milk;
meaning high fat and protein production. They have strong feet, good udders, good longevity
and natural curiosity making them suitable for modern production systems. The VikingJerseys
have been selected for fertility and health for decades, and the Danish pedigrees are well
known in the UK.

VikingRed: VikingReds are the leaders among the red breeds. VikingRed cows are healthy
and strong, with high production and longevity. Viking’s Red bulls rank high in the
international top lists. A large amount of the semen from the VikingRed sires are exported
and used in the ProCROSS concept

VikingHolstein: VikingHolstein is more than a Holstein, with good fertility, functional
conformation and high production. Viking´s breeding goal ensures maximum progress for all
economically important traits and best profitability for the dairyfarmers. Viking have a
progressive program producing top bulls.