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6 Apr 2022 - Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics Chairman Lars-Inge Gunnarsson Steps Down

Lars-Inge Gunnarsson, chairman of the board of directors at VikingGenetics, has informed the board of directors of his decision to step down from his position and resign at the ordinary Delegates of Representatives meeting on April 20th, 2022.

Gunnarsson has been chairman of the board since VikingGenetics was founded in 2008 during a merger between Dansire (DK) and Svensk Avel (SE), later joined by Faba (FI) in 2010. Gunnarsson was one of the architects behind the merger and significantly impacted VikingGenetics’ development.

“Adding value to the owners and collaborators is a cornerstone in operating as a cooperative. I am proud of what we have achieved through combining our strengths within the Nordic countries. By working together, we have had many opportunities to lead the breeding industry in a positive direction,” says Gunnarsson, continuing:

“Starting the process of merging VikingGenetics with Masterrind (DE) and Evolution (FR) to establish Arcowin was a natural step in consolidating the breeding industry, and I was looking forward to collaborating with our partners in Germany and France. Arcowin was an ambitious project but, unfortunately, the merger wasn’t beneficial for all members. I have, therefore, decided to step down and leave room for new energy to develop VikingGenetics going forward.”

A new board of directors will be appointed at the ordinary Delegates of Representatives meeting on April 20th. The board will select a new chairperson and vice-chairpersons immediately after.

For more information, please contact:
Lars-Inge Gunnarsson, Tel.: +46 70 970 98 28
David S. Ravnkilde, Tel.: + 45 28 11 49 28