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17 Apr 2023 - Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics signs contract with Bulls-n-more as distributor in India

Bulls-n-more is our new distributor in India

VikingGenetics are pleased to announce a new strategic distribution agreement with Bulls-n-more to supply future-friendly genetics in India.

Louise Helmer, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of VikingGenetics, says: “We are delighted to partner with Bulls-n-more as our distributor in India. They are a company with an excellent reputation, and we look forward to a long and close cooperation. By tapping into dairy genetics from the Nordic countries – renowned for a long-term focus on health, production, efficiency, and ease of management – we are confident that this partnership can have a very positive impact on the Indian market and supply chain.”

VikingGenetics is owned by more than 17,000 Nordic farmers and has a breeding focus on animal welfarefood security, and reducing climate impact in the entire production chain. VikingGenetics has recorded health and performance data into indexes for decades. Their innovative breeding programmes foster healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows with high production of milk and solids.

VikingGenetics distributor India

Healthier, more sustainable cows for Indian farmers

“VikingGenetics bulls are our answer for future-friendly farming. The demand from Indian farmers is changing towards healthier and more sustainable cows, and we have found the solution in the VikingJersey and the VikingHolstein breeds,“ says Bulls-n-more CEO Anant Berry

“VikingJerseys are 7th generation purebred, medium-sized cows that produce milk with the highest levels of fat and protein percentages, which is a perfect match for dairy farmers in India. The VikingHolstein are resilient, medium-sized, feed-efficient cows, that produce increased levels of milk and solids,” adds Mr Berry.

Headquartered in Chandigarh City, India, Bulls-n-more offers farmers world-class genetics through its vast network across India.

More information about Bulls-n-more can be found on their website

VikingGenetics distributor India

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VikingGenetics distributor India